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April is showing Anthony how to do a blood transfusion using what appears to be paper towels and a plastic bottle, but while he's very thankful for the knowledge, he wants to know if she's going to tell Matthew the truth or not. He adds that at this point, he can't go back to Syria without some sort of closure. See? These guys would fit right in. April is mortified and assures him that he has real problems to worry about, not her stupid love life, but he tells her, "Courtship troubles are everyone's troubles." Well, when you're at SGMH, that's definitely true. He tells her that it was tricky for him to get his wife, and April is super interested to hear what he did to woo her. He tells April a beautiful story about how he had a picnic with spiced lamb and honey-dipped almonds under the Cypress trees. April is practically ready to marry him herself after hearing this but it turns out he's making some gentle fun of her, and says that he took his now-wife to go see Terminator 3. April is able to laugh at herself, and the two of them smile and get back to work.

Mere grudgingly admits to Derek that he was right about Cristina, and so suggests Kathleen as their guardian. He suggests Lizzie, who somehow Mere had forgotten about despite her being played by a rather well-known actress not that long ago. Derek's a little worried about naming someone guardian whom Mere could forget, so Mere makes her the alternate. Derek then points out that this is a disaster plan, and generally disasters don't happen. Mere can pretty accurately counter, though, that disasters do happen to them with rather amazing frequency. On that note, the lawyer told Derek they also have to fill out a health care directive. Mere tells Derek he already knows her wishes, which are to have absolutely no extraordinary measures taken. In fact, she wants to be offed the moment she forgets where she put her keys. Derek isn't so sure about this plan but Mere totally isn't kidding. She reminds him that her mom was forgetting things all of the time before they knew she was sick, and that just made Mere think she didn't care and she refuses to have Zola and Fetus go through that. One could argue that having a mom who is present and loving leading up to that point would ensure that they know she does care, but I get her point. Derek refuses to outright agree to giving Mere a lethal dose of morphine, but instead says they'll deal with it when they come to it. Um, isn't that the point of filling out the paperwork now -- so that if Mere's memory starts to go you both already have agreed on all of this? (Well, you know, except for the early mercy killing part which I suppose isn't technically legal.)

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