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Mere and Bailey then do Joyce's surgery and find that the infection is pretty deep. As they work, Bailey asks Mere if she is okay and Mere yells at her for treating her with kid gloves. She asserts that she knew what she was asking when she had the test done. Bailey just tells her that she is there if Mere needs to talk, and then changes the subject to chastise Mere for training sloppy interns. She's sure Leah caused these infections by coming to work sick, and is still ranting about it when Richard comes in to tell her about Seth. It takes Bailey a moment to realize that there truly is a third infected patient, but there's Bad News Music playing over the scene so we know it's really serious.

When the surgery is over the three of them discuss the situation and Richard tells Bailey that she has to go tell Hunt and he'll take care of Seth while she does that. Once she leaves, he asks which intern it was and Mere tells him it was Leah.

April walks into the supply room and finds Darvish alone, just staring at the supplies. When she asks if he needs anything he tells her he's just looking and enjoying the quiet. With tears in his eyes, he adds softly that they don't have a lot of quiet anymore. April looks around with a fresh perspective at the bounty of supplies surrounding them.

Owen goes to Ethan to explain that his grandmother was delayed by a day, so Carol, the woman from social services, is going to set him up with a place to stay. Ethan is distressed at the idea and wants to stay in the hospital again near his parents, so Owen tries to convince the kid that he'll have a good dinner, and video games, and it will be just peachy. Ethan's response, though, is to start panting. I think he's supposed to be having a legitimate panic attack but "panicked breathing" is maybe not this kid's strongest skill. That, or he realizes that Owen is in too deep at this point and that he won't be able to handle seeing Ethan so upset so he's faking it. For the record, I think it's normal "my parents both might die and I'm only 10" upset.

Cristina is showing Anthony how to do some particular stitches on something that looks like a red version of my awesome gin and titonic ice cube tray when Mere walks in and makes Cristina promise to kill her with a lethal injection even BEFORE she starts forgetting her keys. Cristina of course agrees to it immediately, but Mere insists she's serious and that she wants to be done away with early before she sets fire to the house or winds up in a nursing home. She's absolutely adamant that her kids never go through what she went through. Cristina tells her, "Mere, you had me at 'lethal injection.'"

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