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Party at Meredith's house! Wooooooo! Only... this time it involves people dressed up, servers with trays of tiny food and an actual bartender that isn't Mere staggering around with a bottle of tequila in her hand. She starts this week's VO: "It's a common belief that positive thinking leads to a happier, healthier life." Alex is fidgeting with his tie and they tease each other in a sickeningly cute manner -- she tells him to stop fidgeting, and then when Lexie complains that she's wearing [brand name not used because they didn't get the rights but we know she means Spanx] so that she could zip up her dress and that she's fat, Alex points out that she's got no fat on her, just a nice ass, which he happens to like. She thanks him for the disturbing yet awesome compliment and proudly juts her behind out a little more, and he asks if she wants to go make out upstairs. She refuses, though, as they are there to support Derek, and Alex just gripes how much the party blows.

Derek apparently did really redo his office, though we haven't seen it since he was cleaning out Ellis' journals. There, he's showing Mark and Owen his plans for the new house, which we also hadn't heard much about in a while. It seems the house in the woods is actually going to be built. Mere comes in and points out that at her parties they drink beer and dance on tables, and he realizes that she's insulting his party. She tells him it's getting lame but I'm sure it was lame from the start -- it's just that when people dress up and see an actual bartender they get excited for a bit and now that seems to have worn off. The guys all file out and she smiles at them, but when Owen walks past and gives her a tentative smile of her own she just gives him a smirk, much like the one that got her in trouble last week, and his face clouds right over. Her VO tells us, "As children we're told to smile and be cheerful and put on a happy face," which obviously neither of them is doing too well.

"As adults we're told to look on the bright side." Callie has her cleavage out for the party and it's rather mesmerizing, but she can only stare glumly across the room at Arizona. Mark comes over and calls her on it, then asks if she wants to go home and have sex in the shower since Teddy is stuck in surgery. She tells him, not amused, that she's not in the mood for jokes -- though I'm certain he was only half joking and would have happily jumped at the chance if she had agreed. She storms out of the room and from afar, Arizona sees this and looks bummed.

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