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Henry is done with his surgery and visiting more with Betty, telling her all about his house and flirting that the view from there would be even nicer if he had someone to share it with. He then invites her to come live with him and when she argues that they barely know each other, he insists they do know each other and that he missed his chance once and doesn't want to again. Callie clearly regrets having to get in the middle of things but she needs to take Betty to surgery, and Henry just asks her to think about it. Betty, though, puts her hand on his and with tears in her eyes, tells him she already got over him and went on to have children and grandchildren that she loves. Callie watches as Henry's face totally falls and then wheels Betty out, who tries to remain stoic and dignified even though she has tears in her own eyes at the dumping she just performed.

As Bailey finishes up removing Amber's fingers, she pulls the oh-so mature move of asking Mark to ask Ben if he can start lightening up her anesthesia. Ben points out she could ask herself but she's like a kid asking someone to have their sibling sitting next to them pass the salt. Everyone in the room is clearly upset by their own personal soap operas and they all sit there a moment until Mark tells Ben not to lighten her up just yet, because he wants to do the hair restoration after all. It seems the risk of infection isn't that big, and he thinks they all could use a big of "magic" right about then. Ben gives a tiny nod and when he looks to Bailey, she happily agrees to it.

Mere is scrubbing out of surgery when Cristina walks in and after standing a moment, she takes a deep breath and asks Mere if she thinks her mom ever got over Richard. Unfortunately for Cristina, Mere glumly admits that her mom loved him until the day she died. That established, Cristina gets desperate and begs for Meredith to tell her what, if anything, is going on that she might have missed. Mere has the gall to still look all upset and then whines that Cristina has to understand that while it was just the two of them for a while, there's now both her and Cristina and her and Derek -- she claims she did what she did because of them, but she can't say more because of the her and Derek part. Cop-out. Cristina finally tells Mere that she needs Mere to understand that she needs to have there be a Cristina and Owen. Mere looks sad and turns away, still making this all about herself.

She then finds her husband and informs him that she hates his job. He tries to lighten things up by telling her he loves her and they flirt a bit before Mere asks if he thinks Owen loves Teddy. Derek shakes his head, clearly against having this conversation but Mere persists and asks what kind of read he got when Owen was in his office recommending that Derek not hire his friend. Derek knows what this is about and just says she can't tell Cristina, and Mere claims to know while again repeating that she hates his job. I have a feeling that Derek wouldn't consider Meredith's actions "not telling Cristina," but whatever. He gives her a hug and they have another schmoopy moment.

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