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Owen is working on some paperwork when Meredith walks up and informs him that Cristina loves him, and she wants to but she can't because she wants to punch him. I also am not really sure she wants to love him, either, because I suspect she'd still be a little bit jealous despite her own marriage, but that's a storyline for another day. She informs him that she knows he tried to have Teddy fired, and she thinks that means he still loves Teddy, and if he cares about Cristina at all, he will admit all this to her -- if he's really the good guy she thinks he is. She then threatens that if he doesn't... both he and she will know he's not that guy. Honestly, I think the biggest reason he'd consider listening to her is just to try and avoid the lifetime of passive-aggressive glaring he'd get from her until the end of time. I do think, though, that she would have been far better off to do this earlier rather than to just offer vague warnings to Cristina that sent her into a mental and emotional tailspin.

Mark is walking down the hall when he sees Teddy, but when he walks in the room she starts to leave. When he starts to say something to her she cuts him off that she should have known and declares calmly, "It's that simple and it's that over." She leaves him dumbfounded and that's how Callie finds him -- she walks in and immediately tells him to talk to "her." He argues that he just tried to, but she tells him she means Lexie since obviously he still loves her, and the reasons that they broke up (Sloan and the baby) aren't issues any more. I am just so grateful that finally she's not blaming everything on Lexie's supposed immaturity anymore, because man had that gotten old. It's a shame her own relationship breakdown gave her this new perspective, but hey, it's a silver lining of that breakup. Mark thinks about it and points out that Lexie is with Alex but Callie argues that Betty married Mike but never got over Henry. Mark is appropriately confused, and the face he makes is awesome. Callie just clears things up by warning him not to let 50 years go by before he realizes he let the love of his life get away. When she tells him to try, and hits the ball back into her court and asks if she's going to try again with Arizona, but Callie sadly tells him that their reasons for breaking up are still there. He pulls her into a hug and kisses her forehead, and for the millionth time I think to myself how much I love the friendship between these two.

Owen did listen to Meredith, and took Cristina to the stairwell -- not enough serious conversations have been had there in recent seasons; they really did need to revisit it as a perfect angst location -- and obviously told her what happened. Cristina, despite Meredith's warnings and whatever suspicions she might have had, can't seem to wrap her head around what she's hearing, and is asking Owen why he would tell her he put in a good word for Teddy when he did basically the opposite. He's pacing angrily while she tries to work it all out but when she mentions Meredith's name, he turns around angrily, just in time to see the light bulb go on over Cristina's head. She asks him what's going on between him and Teddy, and he says it's nothing, and then talks about his shrink, and eliminating triggers. Cristina asks if she's a trigger then, and he admits he doesn't know what she is, and that she's all wrapped up with what he went through in Iraq and with the breakup of his engagement, and that it's complicated and screwing with his head. I feel like maybe he should have talked all this over with Dr. Amy maybe before he talked about his great idea to move in with Cristina, but it looks like that didn't happen. She's both angry and heartbroken and he turns to her and pleads that while he doesn't know what he feels for Teddy, he does know what he feels for her. He also thinks he doesn't have to explain what he did regarding the hiring to Cristina (which she obviously doesn't agree with) and he angrily adds that he definitely doesn't have to explain himself to Meredith. That part, I'll give him, but I think that he kind of does have to explain himself to Cristina when it's something that pretty deeply concerns their relationship. Their fight is broken up when they hear a pager that doesn't belong to either one of them, and they look down to see Teddy on the stairs below. It's not entirely clear if she just happened to walk in or if she was standing there listening to everything but regardless, the damage is obviously done. She tells them that something is wrong with Henry.

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