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All three run into his room and Betty tells them that he suddenly couldn't breathe. She doesn't want to leave the room but Cristina informs her that if she wants to help she has to let go of his hand. Oh, how very subtle.

The docs are all there when Henry wakes up; Richard tells him that they are going to have to put in a pacemaker before he leaves the hospital so that they can control his irregular heartbeat, and Teddy adds that she's talked to a doctor at his local hospital who will see him when he gets home. Henry thanks them, and then Betty walks up and he nearly passes out again when he realizes that she stayed. She tells him sweetly that he can't do that and scare her again if she's going to move across the country and shack up with him. He's in shock and she continues, in happy tears, that he makes her feel, "like the prettiest girl at the party," and tells him she never stopped missing him or wondering what if. It's really all very sweet, if a little bit of a club over the head with regards to the Owen-Teddy-Cristina triangle. When she kisses him, he asks her how long he has to wait until he proposes, and as they kiss again Cristina can't take it and walks out. Owen chases after her but she just orders, "Don't," and keeps walking, leaving him all agitated.

Alex, Arizona and Derek are all waiting in Hayley's room when she starts to wake up, and they and her parents all watch her expectantly as she comes to. No pressure, though. Arizona reminds her parents that there's no guarantee that the surgery worked as Alex gently Hayley how she's doing. She says she's good and then starts to really absorb her surroundings -- she's not restrained to the bed, and whatever seems to have been driving her crazy seems to be gone. Shocked, she repeats that she is good, and then says it a couple of more times for good measure as her parents start to cry and hug her. Mere starts to VO this episode to a close: "Ask most people what they want out of life and the answer is simple: to be happy.

"Maybe it's this expectation, though, of wanting to be happy, that keeps us from ever getting there." Bailey is waiting for the elevator and is not happy when Ben comes up to talk to her. She cuts him off by announcing that she gets that he wants to see other people and be free to get "cheeky" with Liz. She's extra prickly, obviously to hide her humiliation and insecurity, but he responds by telling her how Liz is the meanest nurse on the floor, who makes life hell for his entire staff, but that she likes him so he flirts in order to keep her acting nice and setting his schedule the way he likes -- flirting makes his job easier. But he also points out that the middle-name flirting is really bad, lazy flirting, and that he brings his A-game with Bailey because he really likes her and means it. And what an A-game he has -- I'm still thinking about his stripping down at the top of the hour.... Okay, wait, where was I? Back to the recap. He repeats himself and then when he asks if she is hearing him she finally speaks, fighting back tears. She is obviously all confused and mixed-up, and tells him she has a child, a job, and a horribly sad and difficult divorce that she's going through, so she has no time for games. He assures her that he gets it and that he's not playing either, he's in it for real. They agree, and when the doors open she marches right in as he follows with a small but very happy smile. They stand next to each other and after a moment, she grabs his hand and holds on to it tightly, which obviously tickles him.

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