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Lexie is doing some paperwork, dressed and ready to go, when Alex comes by and excitedly tells her that she was right about the medical journal. He leaves to go drop some things off before they leave for Joe's, and Lexie beams at him and goes back to what she was doing until Mark walks up and calls her name. She turns around and he just looks at her for a moment before announcing that he's still in love with her, and that his trying not to be didn't work. He calmly tells her that Sloan is gone, there's no baby, and he doesn't want to sleep around, but he does want a second chance, and he repeats that he's in love. She's totally stunned and tears up while she stutters Alex's name, finally telling Mark that she has a boyfriend. He tells her he knows, but, "I'm saying you could have a husband." Well, so his proposal technique could use a little bit of work. She looks absolutely gutted, and as he turns and leaves Meredith VOs, "Maybe the more we try and will ourselves to states of bliss, the more confused we get..." Alex walks up and totally startles Lexie when he puts his arm around her, but he doesn't seem to notice. As they walk off, she puts her arm around him too -- her attempt to act like a duck -- and he sweetly pats her butt. Aw, I like all of these people and now one of them is going to end up really sad and if it's Alex -- probably emotionally scarred beyond belief. I so hope I'm wrong.

"...To the point where we don't recognize ourselves." Callie is already on the elevator when Arizona gets on, and as they travel along Callie stares at the back of her head and finally says her name; Arizona turns and practically jumps on her, kissing her with an almost desperate passion. But as soon as the doors open, she practically runs out without a word while Callie stares after, stunned. Mere VOs, "Instead we just keep smiling, trying like hell to be the happy people we wish we were.

"Until eventually it hits us. It's been there all along." Mere and Derek are looking at plans for the new house in bed when Cristina comes to the door, looking bereft. Derek immediately excuses himself to go get something to eat and Mere smiles at him as Cristina runs over and climbs into bed with her bestie. They sit a moment and finally she says, trying to sound light, "Well, I'm not moving in with Owen." Meredith looks at her with the same unhappy face, although hopefully now some of it is for herself and not her poor troubled plight, now that Cristina knows everything. By way of reply, she opens up the plans and shows Cristina that she has a room in the new house. Cristina smiles as she wipes the tears off her cheeks and then thanks her, before hooking her arm in Mere's and laying her head on her shoulder. "Not in our dreams or hopes but in the known. The comfortable. The familiar."

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