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"Sometimes reality can get in the way of our ability to act the happy part, though." Cristina is in the kitchen, and she's not just acting happy, she is incredibly happy on account of the fact that she's positioned herself to grab the finger foods as they are brought out of the kitchen, so she gets her pick of whatever she wants. Owen walks in and she delightedly tells him about how this is working out splendidly and as she takes a big bite of sushi, and as Mere walks by the door in the other room, he tells Cristina they should move in together. Mere starts to simmer judgmentally while Cristina chokes (and has no idea of Mere's eavesdropping) and he's glad because it means she can't answer right away, and he tells her to just think about it; that he told his shrink and she thinks it's a good idea. Aw, and they say romance is dead. But to Mere's horror, once she dislodges the food from her throat, Cristina says yes. She admits happily that her judgment is impaired by the four martinis she's had, but then also points out that she's an easy lay right now, and he's thrilled -- mostly about the moving in but I'm sure the easy lay part wasn't a bad thing either. They make out while Mere burns disapproving lasers into them from afar.

April, Reed and Avery are huddled together and Reed announces that she's going in, much to April's horror. She insists that Reed can't do whatever she's going to do because they are in the Chief's house (and obviously she doesn't want to look bad in front of Derek) but when she looks to Avery for backup he tells Reed to go for it. Like a shark swimming towards its prey, she heads towards Mark. As she walks, Mere VOs, "Your health can fail, boyfriends can cheat, friends can disappoint." She sways on up to Sloan and compliments him on a surgery he performed, and as the other two watch Mark gets her meaning right away and steers her off to get another drink.

"It's in these moments when you just want to get real, to drop the act and be your true, scared, unhappy self." In an apartment with candles burning everywhere, Bailey is making out with her hot anesthesiologist. She stops him, though, and after pushing him off starts her patented Bailey speechifying about how she doesn't want her personal business all over the hospital like everyone else's. She goes on to detail how he's not allowed to flirt with her or even look at her like he's seen her naked, but he's not listening too closely, because he's busy peeling off his clothes. She gets a bit distracted but forges ahead, arguing that she's got a good reputation, and she's a lady -- "And a lady does not show her drawers at the office." Hey, it's a sound lifestyle choice. She can't really ponder her brilliance, though, because he then strips off the last piece of clothing he's got on -- his own drawers -- and sadly we're left with a strategically placed something in the frame so we can't fully enjoy the view. She's happily stunned enough to stop and with a grin he tells her he's naked, he looks good (boy howdy, he's not wrong) and does she want to lecture him or go to bed with him so he can have his way with her? Being a sensible woman, she takes his hand and he leads her to the bedroom.

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