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Henry and Betty are both getting worked on while telling the story of how they knew each other -- we go back and forth between perspectives but what it boils down to is that Betty's best friend was Henry's fiancée, but one night at a party they ran into each other outside, fell right in love, and both lost their virginity that night -- Henry had been waiting until his wedding night. Betty beams as she tells Callie and Lexie that it was the first time she felt complete, but she didn't want to ruin her friendship (though she admits it was ruined anyway by her bailing on the wedding) and Henry (who did want to call off his wedding) admits it would have been a huge scandal. Betty instead took off, skipped the wedding, and built a life elsewhere. All of the surgeons in both of the patient rooms are listening with rapt attention as Henry says that he married his wife and loved her, but she wasn't Betty. At this point Cristina steals a glance at Teddy, who is lost in the story. Betty tells the girls that she figured there would be plenty of Henrys in her life but of course there weren't, and while her husband was a good man he wasn't Henry. Callie is sad after hearing about this lost love, but Richard then comes to the doorway of her room and tells them with a big smile that he has an idea.

Next thing we know they are in a hospital room together with their beds pulled close to each other, and all of the doctors watch from the hall as they catch up happily. Everyone is happy and totally in love with their story, though Teddy also looks a bit wistful. Cristina walks up and tries to burst everyone's bubbles by asking without a trace of sentimentality if that's a good idea since Henry should be resting -- whether it's conscious or not, she's clearly trying to avoid setting up a situation that could parallel her own -- but Richard just tells her that a happy patient is a healthy patient. Owen looks at the films Cristina is carrying and realizes they have to operate, but Richard tells him it can wait an hour so that they have more time to catch up. Cristina is still pretty appalled and can't believe Teddy is on board but she admits she's a romantic and totally with Richard. Owen looks after her fondly as she walks off, while Cristina gets more annoyed.

Hayley is getting an MRI/CT... I can never quite remember the difference between the two while Alex, Arizona and Derek talk about her. Alex is pretty sure she's not schizophrenic but Arizona thinks trying to stab yourself in the heart is a pretty good indication of having the crazy. The scans come up and are totally negative, and Alex is pretty pissed that Derek and Arizona just accept that her previous diagnosis is correct. He argues that between his family and his unfortunate ex-girlfriend Ava he knows crazy and doesn't think that's what is wrong, so he asks for more time. Derek's pretty annoyed by this point when Alex can't give him even an idea of a possible diagnosis and is clearly about to shut him down, but Alex takes one last stab at it. He points out that Arizona always reminds him his job is to advocate for the patient rather than the parents, and that Hayley's hell is worse than the one they are going through. Arizona admits that she does in fact say that, so Derek gives Alex a generous four hours until his board meeting is over to figure out what else might possibly be wrong. As Hayley is helped up by a couple of technicians, a single poetic tear runs down her cheek just so we are assured she really is going through hell -- like the scratches on her face from trying to claw her own eyes out aren't doing a good enough job illustrating that.

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