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The Shocking Truth

ABC started the episode a moment early tonight, so Mere's VO kicks off with, "but that's a myth." Based on the theme of the episode, I'm going to assume she said, "They say lightning never strikes twice." Let's go with it, shall we? Mere herself is sobbing in yet another meeting with Perkins, her mascara running down her cheeks in gobs, and she tells him how scary it was to see Derek bleeding out like that, and how good it feels to just get it out. By the time she actually thanks him, it's obvious this is a total act, and he seems to know just how ridiculous it is when she sighs that she feels ready to go back to work now. Her VO continues, "It doesn't happen often. Lightning usually gets it right the first time." Also getting it right is Perkins, who tells her they will talk more tomorrow, and puts the surgery clearance form back in his folder, unsigned. She drops the act and says, "Come on," so he responds by kindly offering her a tissue or a hug. She spits, "Go hug yourself," and storms out of the room.

"When you're hit with 30,000 amps of electricity, you feel it." Cristina wakes up next to Owen, who is watching her closely, looking worried as she wishes him good morning. She then looks at her hand, and after a moment comes her own personal 30,000 amps. VO: "It can make you forget who you are..." Fortunately she married someone who knows her quite well, so when she sits straight up and looks a little shocked he reassures her that she should take deep breaths, and that while they got married last night they're going to go to work like normal. He then hands her some sort of granola bar to get some food into her system. She's clutching the comforter to her much the way she was clutching her blanket when he proposed; it's obviously her safe place to huddle like that. She still hasn't said a word but Owen assures her work is what she needs (along with a hair wash and some shower sex) and while she looks overwhelmed, she nods at what he is saying.

Whatever budget goes towards making the surgeries look as vomit-inducing as they have lately is obviously taking away from graphics, because the wide shot of Seattle gives us some extremely fake-looking rain. We then come to the locker room, where all of the docs are getting ready while everyone's pagers start to blow up, indicating some kind of large-scale disaster. All of the doctors we've never seen before and will never see again are on one side of the room, staring at our gang on the other side like they are zoo animals. Jackson tells April it will stop when the novelty wears off. Cristina is talking now but still seems a little dazed; she is eating the bar that Owen gave her and tells Mere he booked her a surgery. She's a bride, she explains: he's in charge of her, and she's going with it. Mere reminds her of the small fact that she's not cleared for surgery, but Owen has promised to take care of it. Lexie is all agitated from the staring and finally yells at them that yes, she's the crazy one who freaks out and screams just like she is now. Mere tells them to go gawk at each other for a while, then asks Lexie if she's okay, but Lexie just wants people to stop asking her that.

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