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The Shocking Truth

Owen is out of surgery and finds Meredith and Cristina sitting in the locker room. Cristina is certain Linda is now dead but Owen assures her she will be fine, and Cristina asks Mere if they can have a moment alone. She leaves without a look at Owen but I do feel like she reached some sort of peace with his being Cristina's partner, because she doesn't radiate the hatred that before emanated off of her before in almost visible waves. Once alone, Cristina barks at him that he was wrong about everything, and Owen immediately agrees and apologizes.

Derek runs up to Mere and I will give him credit that the first thing he asks, sounding genuinely worried, is if Cristina is okay, as opposed to asking first about the surgery itself. (Though I suppose he might already know that outcome, but I don't give Derek much so I'll give him this one thing.) Mere's hit her boiling point, FINALLY, and she snaps at him that no, no one is all right, but that Perkins is still clearing everyone for surgery anyway. Well yes, but in Cristina's case, he definitely had not cleared her for surgery, and what happened seems to be a pretty good explanation of why he had been holding back.

Regardless, Mere cuts off Derek as he tries to speak, telling him to get over it, it was one night in jail, and he drives too fast. This wasn't what he was going to say and he tells her not to worry, but this just makes her angrier, and she yells at him that all she does is worry that he's going to go kill himself while he's joyriding, and that the one night in jail gave her one night off from worrying because she knew where he was. Basically, she saw him nearly die during his gunshot surgery and she doesn't want to go through that again to which I say, fair enough. Amazingly, Derek seems to think the same thing, and he tells her that he is right there, and they are okay. Without missing a beat, Mere finally tells him that she was pregnant and lost the baby on the day of the shooting. Derek's mouth literally hangs open but he doesn't seem mad, just stunned, and when he finally speaks it's to ask why she didn't tell him, because he could have helped her. That's the question we all have, Derek, but I guess Meredith is so much more mature than she was at the beginning of the series that we should take that and not get greedy that she'd turn totally sensible. I'm just thankful this only lasted two episodes because if this had been, say, season 5, we probably would have had seven more episodes of this secret before it came out. Mere tells him that if he wants to help her, his driving is something he can control, so just do that. They kiss and squeeze each other tight, and he agrees.

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