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The Shocking Truth

The music has started and we see but don't hear Teddy go up and talk to Linda's husband; after a second he grabs her in a giant, happy hug. Mere's VO continues, "...Eventually, the pain will go away. The shock will wear off..."

Cristina is on a sofa, once again curled up with a blanket pulled up tightly to her neck. A door opens, and we see she's actually at Meredith's house -- when Mere and Derek walk in Mere immediately goes to her while Derek goes upstairs so they can have their time.

Teddy, looking all made up and superfine, heads in to see hot Dr. Perkins, but before they go she closes the door to have a private conversation, and asks if she talks too much. She then proceeds to do that thing that all of the women on this show do, that very few women I know actually do in real life, which is where they babble really clumsily as they act cute and say way too much about every thought that is in their head all at once. I might find it endearing if it were one character's signature trait, but here it seems to be everyone. Basically, she tells him how much she enjoys being with him and what they have, but she knows she talks a lot and he listens and she hopes that she's not treating him like her own personal shrink. She finally comes up for air to give him a chance to respond, and he turns out to be a man of few words -- he tells her that he'd listened and talked (really?) a lot that day so all he wants to say is he's enjoying this too. They start making out and getting a little frisky when he stops to ask if she knew that Webber went over his head to clear Cristina for her surgery. Teddy giggles and assures him they don't have to talk right now, so they go back to the making out. VO:"...and you start to heal yourself..." It is definitely nice to see Teddy genuinely seem to be happy being out with someone that isn't Owen, and isn't just a sexy distraction like Mark was.

Mark runs after Lexie as she leaves for the night, and we get a new exterior shot with some pretty fountains and a bright new Seattle Grace Mercy West sign at the top of the building. She thinks he's coming to nag her some more, so she's not in the mood at all when he says he needs to talk to her. She stops him and instead tells him that while she knows he wants to be there, he doesn't have to. When he tries to protest she cuts him off again to say that she appreciates his help but that she's moving out of her funk but everything he's doing won't let her move on, and it's making other people think she's still nuts too. She asserts that she saved someone that day and is a good doctor who doesn't deserve to have people think less than that, so she finally asks if he can just leave her alone. She's so desperate and sad, Mark obviously realizes that this is what's going to help her right now, and as that's what he wants to do for the rest of his life, he has to obey it for now. He agrees, but looks sad as she turns and walks away. " recover from something you never saw coming."

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