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The Shocking Truth

Bailey is working away on Alex, and the quiet and the removal of this reminder finally lets him open up and talk a little. He says that Charles and Reed were good people. He trails off as he says he doesn't know why... something, then says that he shouldn't just get to walk away. Bailey obviously knows just what he's feeling, and she tells him she doesn't know why they made it, but they just have to figure out how to be grateful. She then pulls out the bullet, and Alex glares at it and comments, "Son of a bitch." Bailey just sing-songs, "Agreed." Hopefully this removal can be kind of cathartic for both of them, somehow.

Mark is at Callie's, drinking straight out of a wine bottle to drown his sorrows. He declares grandly, "Paint it beige!" Callie growls at the idea, but you'd think someone who was so desperate to get the love of her life back would be more willing to paint the walls a different color in exchange. That's basically what Mark points out to her, so she takes the bottle from him and takes a big swig before dramatically laying across the sofa in paint-color-distress.

"But sometimes the odds are in your favor." Cristina is citing divorce statistics and figures her divorce means Mere and Derek will be fine. It's a little bit too self-pitying for me, 24 hours after she got married in that very same room where they are now lying on the floor. Cristina admits that she thought getting married would fix her, but Mere counters that that isn't why Owen married her. Cristina mopes that Owen didn't marry her -- he married a corpse since she is now dead inside. Meredith reports that she finally told Derek about her miscarriage, and uses that to segue into a gentle reminder that marriage is for better or for worse, and she's just in the "worse" part right now. She assures her it will go better, and that she should go back. Cristina mulls this over and finally seems open to the possibility and asks, "Yeah?" Meredith replies, "Yeah."

The moment is broken by pounding at the door, and Owen blows in dramatically, covered in rain. He proceeds to declare that she's not really feeling nothing, she's feeling scared and angry, and he knows this because he was in her shoes not long ago. But she stuck with him then because she loved him, and he's going to stick by her now for the same reason. She listens to all of this with more tears in her eyes, then hauls herself up off of the floor and shuffles over to him, saying quietly, "Let's go home." It's kind of sweet how surprised he is; he obviously expected more of a fight before he got this response. Mere stands up and cheerfully tells him, "I already fixed her before you came. But... that was a nice speech." And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the moment this episode made me laugh out loud. It's funny 'cause it's true. And it's also a GIANT RELIEF because I would have been really angry to have to recap more of this, "I'm out after 24 hours of marriage" crap on top of everything else Cristina is dealing with right now.

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