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The Shocking Truth

Mere comments that Kerry is a popular girl, but Kerry is sure they are just overexcited given that the lightning strike was a one-in-a-million thing. While she's better than before, Lexie's Lexipedia is still working overtime and she corrects Kerry that this was a 1 in 6,250 chance. She babbles on and doesn't notice the other docs staring at her until Mark says her name, so she quickly tells Kerry it's still rare, not like handgun deaths... Mark cuts her off again, and she's peeved as she tries to explain that she's just telling Kerry she was lucky. Seriously, she's smart enough to know that all of this isn't a good idea -- I get that she might not be able to help herself but I think she should be able to recognize why she maybe shouldn't be saying these things to the patient. That part seems a little bit out of character. Kerry asks again if someone can check on Warren, but when Mere asks if Warren is her boyfriend, she starts to cry and answers in the negative. Mere trots off and Mark tells Kerry that her burst eardrums will heal themselves. When Lexie realizes no surgery will be involved she tries to go look for something else, but Mark has her stay and help him for now.

Teddy and Cristina are having Linda fill out the forms for her surgery, and her husband is pretty wigged out at all of the risks and wonders why this surgery is better than what Burke did before. Teddy patiently explains that Burke took the conservative approach, which was right for the time, but that her heart walls are weakening and she might not be able to withstand another surgery after this, so they need to try something radical in case this is her last chance. Linda is on Teddy's side and tells her husband she can't see him go through all of his own worry each time too. Finally, her husband turns to Cristina and asks if she thinks this is the best idea. Cristina tries to push it off but he persists and asks if this was her husband, would she let Teddy do the surgery? Yes, yes, we get it, she's married, she's wigged out about it, but she's already getting hammered with reminders, geez. Cristina tells him that yes, this is the approach she would take for her own spouse, and it's the one they want. With that, he finally agrees and then hugs his wife, but Cristina is left looking a bit unsure.

Callie is on the phone when Arizona approaches her with paint chips, and I can't believe how much time we are devoting to this. However... I kind of agree with Callie that they all look beige. Arizona says they are pastels and earth tones, but when Callie tells her she doesn't want to live in an Easter basket, Arizona retorts that she doesn't want to live in the bat cave, so meet her halfway. Girls, neither of you are remotely in the galaxy of "halfway", here. There is something in between maroon and white with a slightly pink tint. Saturated yet cheery exists! The grass-green wall in my living room can attest to this! They get a little snippy, blah blah blah.

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