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The Shocking Truth

Mere calls out for Warren, who turns out to be a slightly balding but totally pleasant-looking guy. He's a little bit disturbed to learn that the doctors think the lightning bolt went in his neck, out his foot, and then bounced off of him to everyone else on his team. The sole of his foot is totally blackened and crispy, as if he's just been subjected to interrogation by foot roasting. Alex tells him it wasn't his fault but Warren tells him it certainly feels like it is, and he doesn't even remember it happening. He then asks about Kerry, and when Meredith tells him she asked about him his face lights up like a kid on Christmas morning. Russ overhears this and is clearly surprised, and Meredith finally asks them if they are all in junior high given how immature they are acting about Kerry and their crushes. Mitch runs up to tell the guys about his failed declaration of love, this kicks off a whole bunch yelling and limping to Kerry's room as they all to try and be the first to profess his feelings to her.

Kerry has just received the good news that her CT came back negative, so she should have no permanent damage to her legs. Lexie again tries to find another patient but Mark keeps her there, and she repays him with a long, withering stare. But it means she's there to witness when the boys all rush in, yelling and jockeying for position. Kerry finally gets them to stop, and then tells Warren to talk first. Warren's not looking too good, though -- he's all pasty and sweaty, and after he says her name he turns rather green, starts to cough blood and then collapses.

Poor Warren didn't have enough on his plate already, it seems, so he's now got a perforated bowel that needs surgery immediately. He's less worried about that than he is someone making sure to tell Kerry he's sorry he hit her with lightning. Bailey assures him they'll make sure she is okay, but that right now is his time. When she tries to find a resident to assist, Lexie runs up and tries desperately to get the job. Alex thinks it's his patient but Bailey just hits him in the bullet (that sounds like it should be some sort of gross euphemism, really) and tells him he can observe. Lexie again offers but Mark has run up behind her and shakes his head at Bailey; while she seems a little confused about why he's doing it, she looks for another candidate. Mere offers her services but April runs up and reminds all and sundry that Mere isn't cleared for surgery yet, and Mere growls at her that if they are going to be friends, she has to stop that. Lex makes one last plea but April gets the gig, and it's clear Lexie knows that Mark kept her from this one, especially with his false cheer that now she can continue to watch Kerry.

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