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The Shocking Truth

The one person around whom Cristina seems the most normal is Meredith, and Cristina can't believe it when she finds Mere sprawled in a chair in the waiting area, watching Wheel of Fortune. Mere gripes that this is what she is clear to do, and then she berates someone for buying a vowel. Okay, but seriously, why do people buy vowels?? If you can figure out enough of the word to know what vowel might go there, why waste money buying one? Try consonants! They'll earn you money, not cost it!! And welcome to one of the many reasons I can't watch that game show -- my inexplicable rage at the contestants for the mere act of buying an A.

Cristina, of course, then guesses the answer with only two letters showing. She then asks Meredith again if she's talked to Derek yet, and Meredith again makes an excuse for why today isn't a good day. Jackson and Alex then mosey in, and Cristina pointedly ignores Jackson when he asks her if she's ready or nervous. Alex gripes about not being able to operate and Mere tells him she'll cut his bullet out right now, and Alex calls her out on sounding like a complete junkie with the excited desperation in her voice. Lex then comes up to ask about Warren and to bitch about how she is never going to operate again since everyone is still afraid she's going to snap. Meredith counters that she won't because one single dude thinks she's crazy. Oh, denial and righteous indignation make a cozy little twosome, don't they? Jackson then calls their attention to the TV, where somehow someone got a cell phone video of the lightning accident. Lexie starts freaking out and yelling that she never saw it coming, and she runs off, which certainly doesn't do anything to dissuade them from thinking she's still a little cuckoo. Cristina makes a crack, but is seriously too scary calm -- her insult that Lexie will be back in the loony bin by lunch lacks her usual bite and swagger.

Derek and Mark meet up and Mark teases Derek rather awesomely, asking, "Did you shank someone right off the bat?" See, that lets the others know not to mess with him. Shockingly, Derek still has no sense of humor about the night's events and indignantly tells Mark they almost charged him with reckless endangerment. Richard overhears this and blows his lid. Derek dismissively claims that no one was in danger, and then asks Richard if he's gone over 120 mph before. He gets all giddy as he describes what it's like to almost lose control around a corner, while Mark nods dreamily in agreement behind him. If no one was in danger, he must have been out doing this in the magical Seattle desert where abandoned highways abound. Oh wait, no, that doesn't exist, and all evidence points to him doing this right in the city, so in fact I'd say that there were a number of people that could have been in danger, including Derek himself. The Chief actually starts to get a little swayed by this -- seriously, this must be a testosterone thing -- but the spell is broken when Lexie runs up and babbles that she's paralyzed and not going to get better. Mark gently tells her it's all right but Lexie swats him away, saying she's talking about Kerry and needs Derek to listen. She finally pulls Derek away to go check on the problem and Richard tells Mark to make sure she's all right. Mark tells him that he's trying to. Richard then goes back to thinking about that 120 mph, but he seems a little less romantic about it now.

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