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Six Days: Part 2

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The Big Finish
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We open on Derek and Meredith, en lit. Mere is wearing a Breathe Right strip, which she has apparently dyed red to match her sheets. Derek has his head jammed under a pillow. Why, you ask? Because Meredith is still snoring. She's also sleeping through the alarm clock, which is buzzing insistently. Derek jerks awake and yells out, "Alarm! Shut it off, please!" Meredith stirs and asks him not to snap at her. If she was awake enough to hear him, she was awake enough to hear the clock and turn it off. I'm just saying. He didn't sleep much that night; she didn't either, because he kept shoving her to try to stop her snoring. As they bicker about the snoring and the shoving, he tries to kiss her. She complains about the stubble pricking her face and tells him to shave. She leaves the bed and he appears to be trying to grab a few more minutes of shut-eye.

Izzie is drinking coffee in the kitchen and cooking something on the griddle. George opens and closes the refrigerator door and gets a panicked look on his face. He starts that trademark O'Malley stammer, trying to tell Izzie that something's wrong as he looks at the floor around the refrigerator trying to find the check. He's crawling all around the floor and shoving Izzie's feet around until she relieves his misery by telling him that she deposited it. He asks if she deposited it in the garbage disposal or maybe in the crazy imaginary bank. As we know, she deposited it in the real bank, and she would really like him to shut up about it. George is stunned: "It's at the bank? It's earning interest?" Izzie: "Did I just not say shut up about it, already?" George is thrilled that his rich friend is now actually rich and starts enthusing about all of the things she can do with the money. She tells him to shut up, again, and he tells her, "I'm just saying, life is short. Cancer happens, and surgery happens, and you know... 'Gather ye rosebuds.' You have 8.7 million rosebuds, Izzie. Gotta spend some rosebuds." Izzie: "You made me burn my French toast." George: "You can buy new French toast." Izzie's had it with this discussion and leaves the room. George picks up a piece of non-burnt French toast from the obviously cold griddle and takes a bite.

We get a shot of a sad-looking Addison on the ferry. They sure are getting a lot of mileage out of that location shoot, aren't they? Cut to Addison walking down the hall of the hospital. She sees Mark coming and turns around to walk the other way -- but that causes her to practically bump into Alex. They're both awkward in a very "whoops, we almost engaged in totally inappropriate kissing" way. And then Meredith's father emerges from a room to ask them how the baby is doing. They both say that she looks good, but I think they're really talking about each other. And I agree with them. (Just because I think they shouldn't date doesn't mean I'm blind.) Thatcher runs off to call his wife and daughter to let them know things are looking good. Addison and Alex do a little side-to-side shuffle as they try to walk past each other. After a couple of seconds of this they both give up and turn around to walk away from this awkward, awkward scene.

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