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Six Days: Part 2

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Addison is sitting at a table in the cafeteria reading something on her laptop when Callie sits down with her. Callie: "George kissed me. Yesterday. One minute he's holding a urine bag, the next minute he's kissing me." If I ever date a doctor, remind me to have him wash his hands before he touches me. Addison is completely non-responsive, and Callie decides that means Addison thinks George is just freaking out about his dad and may not have meant the kiss. And Callie agrees. Addison is the best silent therapist ever. And then Addison registers Callie's presence for the first time, and Callie realizes Addison hasn't heard a word she said. Callie gets a bit sarcastic: "Geez, it's all about you, isn't it? It's all about Addison." Addison: "I aborted Mark's baby." Callie, seriously, tells her, "It is all about you." Addison tells Callie the story: about eight months earlier she learned she was pregnant. At first she wasn't going to even tell Mark about the pregnancy, but she changed her mind. He got all super-paternal, but Addison didn't want a baby. At least, not with him -- she wanted one with Derek, which would have also meant, you know, being with Derek. So she got an abortion. Had she not, the baby would have been born today. And now she's feeling sad, because she never thought she'd end up alone. Callie points out that Addison is far from the end of anything. Addison knows that, but still feels sad this particular week.

George (not wearing scrubs, since he's not working) enters the gallery where the other interns are watching Heather's surgery. Alex asks how George's father is doing -- you'll be happy to hear that he's still peeing like a champ. Cristina leans over and asks George if he's seen Burke. George: "Even if I did like you, I still wouldn't tell you that." I'm glad to see somebody knows how to nurse a grudge. Izzie asks George why he's so buddy-buddy with Burke and yet so angry with Cristina. George responds that he's forgiven Burke because his career was on the line when he lied, whereas Cristina's wasn't. Which doesn't really ring true to me, since I would think the lowly intern would have a lot to lose by participating in a cover-up. Meredith asks Cristina why she doesn't just ask Burke about his hand; Cristina reminds us all that she's not talking to Burke. Alex wishes that he could find a woman who would date him but not speak to him. And then he practically jumps out of his seat when Meredith asks, "Hey, how's it going with Addison?" Meredith, of course, is asking about the condition of her niece, but Alex turns into a slightly more stammery version of George as he fumbles to respond. Izzie and Cristina both give him odd looks. It's not clear what Izzie is thinking, but Cristina thinks that he's working some devious plot to get good procedures, and she wants in on it. Alex freaks out and leaves the gallery. After he's gone, Izzie starts complaining that she should be scrubbing in on Heather's surgery. And then George's pager goes off. He reads it and runs out of the room with a worried look on his face. In the O.R., Callie looks up and sees him run out. And then Meredith's pager goes off; it's a 9-1-1 on Mr. O'Malley, and she leaves. Izzie and Cristina both look worried, but neither one leaves the room.

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