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Six Days: Part 2

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Burke is in his room working on the crossword puzzle while the hot nurse (whose name I should learn someday) does... something. It doesn't matter what, because Hot Nurse is only there so that Cristina can enter the room and ask him to tell Burke that Mr. O'Malley is having a medical crisis. Hot Nurse points out that Burke is awake. Cristina tells him that she's aware of that fact and leaves the room.

In Mr. O'Malley's room, Bailey (accompanied by Meredith, the Chief, and some nurses) prepares to replace the breathing tube. She asks the Chief if he'd rather do it, but he tells her that she's had a lot more practice recently than he has. She seems unsure of herself, and the Chief reminds her that she needs to think of George's father as just another patient. She takes out the old tube and then has trouble getting the new tube in. But within moments the new tube is in and Mr. O'Malley seems to be fine. Meredith leaves to tell George, and Bailey staggers back and looks wrung out. The Chief asks her if she's fine, and she tells him, "My son is named after his son. I just need a minute." Commercials.

It's another tense morning in Meredith's bed. She and Derek each stare at the ceiling, looking incredibly tense. He tells her that she might want to consider a surgery to cure her snoring. She tells him she'll do that when he investigates "halitosis cures" and "stubble cures," because it has become too painful to kiss him in the morning. He yells that he's too tired to shave. Meredith, by the way, is now wearing two strips on her nose. One is red and the other is green. Her nose is looking like the flag of Ghana. Maybe she's not wearing the strips to help her snoring -- maybe she's just supporting her favorite team in international soccer.

In the hospital, Alex runs after Mark. Alex demonstrates his flexibility by simultaneously trying to hand Mark his morning coffee and kiss his ass. Mark responds to Alex's attempt to suck up and get in on a surgery by asking him if he's been working with Addison. Alex gets Georgesque again as he stammers about how he is totally working with Addison and not kissing her at all. The reason Mark is asking is not because he thinks Alex and Addison are sucking face, but because he wants to know if she's miserable and moping around. It takes kiss-ass Alex only seconds to realize what Mark wants to hear and tell him that Addison is totally miserable, mean, and grumpy. But Mark still won't let Alex scrub in on a nose job.

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