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Six Days: Part 2

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In the... on call room, I think it's called? The one with the bunk beds? Cristina and Meredith are sacked out on the top and bottom bunks, respectively. Cristina asks if Mere is sleeping. Mere isn't, although she should be since she hasn't been sleeping much at night. Although if she wasn't sleeping I really don't think she would be snoring, so she must be getting some sleep. Cristina hasn't been sleeping either -- she's gotten too used to sleeping with Burke and can't sleep alone. She accuses him of getting her "strung out on him" and then disappearing. Meredith points out that he didn't disappear -- he came to the hospital for surgery. Cristina: "I just want to know how he's doing." Meredith: "You could just ask him." Cristina: "He could just tell me!" Meredith laughs, and then drops the bomb -- George's father is going into renal failure. Meredith knows that if George's father died he would be devastated, and she keeps seeing her own father and realizing that if he died it wouldn't matter to her at all. Meredith: "Is it weird that I'm a little jealous of George?" Cristina takes a long moment before finally answering, "Yes."

George is in Burke's room where Burke is looking over Mr. O'Malley's chart. Burke tells George that nobody is to blame for the fact that his father's organs are shutting down. George is looking for some reassurance that a patient can recover from this kind of situation, and Burke doesn't give any. He tells him that now is the time for faith, because there's nothing more that science can do. Burke offers to pray, if that's what George would like him to do. You'll all be happy to hear that he manages to make it through this entire scene without calling George a faggot.

George and his mother are in the waiting room. Heather's mother is also there. Mrs. O'Malley and Mrs. Heather commiserate about how difficult it is to wait through a loved one's surgery and then not know if they'll ever wake up. George's mother expresses some surprise that they went through with Mr. O'Malley's surgery, since he had cancer. I don't quite get the connection there -- he had the surgery because he has cancer. I think I see where the meatheads get their cognitive abilities. But Mrs. O'Malley's stray comment has clearly touched something in George, who looks thoughtful. And then Izzie arrives to tell Mrs. Heather that Heather has woken up and is asking for her. George's mom may not be the smartest, but she's clearly one of the nicest, as she looks genuinely happy for the good fortune of this relative stranger. George just looks more and more angry as he thinks about what his mother said.

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