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George walks up to the Chief and Bailey in a hallway and starts asking them (loudly) why they went ahead with the surgery once they saw that the cancer had spread. Neither of them answers his question until he guesses that Mr. O'Malley asked them to go ahead no matter what. The Chief tells George that they were honoring their patient's wishes. George walks closer to Bailey and tells her, "You said you would be straight with me." George thinks his father might have lived weeks or months longer if they had not proceeded with the surgery. Weber starts to defend himself by once again pointing out that George's father made a choice, and George just starts screaming, "He didn't know any better! You knew better! You shouldn't have done it. You shouldn't have done it!" He walks away, in tears. Bailey looks like her heart is going to break. Amazing work from T.R. Knight, and from Chandra Wilson, who didn't say a word but conveyed a million with just her face. Commercials.

Addison enters the doctors' lounge and finds Mark coughing and looking like crap. She notes as much, and they agree that it's the constantly falling yet seldom seen rain that's making him miserable. She tells him that it takes a while to adjust. Mark: "I don't want to adjust." Addison: "Then go home." He tells her that if she had gone through with the pregnancy, they would still be together and would be in non-rainy New York. Addison: "You didn't want to raise a child, Mark. You wanted to trump Derek. You wanted to win." He accuses her of trying to shift the blame to him because she didn't want a baby. She tells him that she did want a baby and then surprises him by pointing out that she knew all about his many infidelities. Even with the baby, she wouldn't have stayed with him, and he would have made a terrible father. Addison: "I did want a baby, I did. I just... I just didn't want one with you." Well, um, ouch! But he's kind of a huge douche, so I don't feel too terribly bad for him.

Cristina enters Burke's room, holding a tray of food. She gives him a tiny smile, and I'm sure we all thought she was there to make up with him. Au contraire, mon frère! As he reaches for the tray, she pulls it back out of his reach. It's entirely wordless blackmail. It's like blackmail interpretive dance. Or mime blackmail. Burke isn't beaten, though -- he presses the call button by his bed and crosses his arms while he waits for a nurse. The nurse enters and tells Cristina that she's been looking everywhere for the lunch that she's carrying. The nurse tries to take it, but Cristina won't give it to her. Cristina claims that Burke is restricted from food and that she's his doctor, but the nurse knows that neither of these things is true. They play tug of war with the tray. On a lesser show, this would have resulted in the tray and all of its contents going flying. I wouldn't have minded seeing that happen, provided most of the food ended up on Isaiah Washington's face. Cristina tells the nurse that she just wants to know how Burke is doing. He wonders if he's suddenly been transferred to Gitmo so that Cristina could use non-torture torture to get information out of him. Cristina relents and gives up the tray. As she walks away, the nurse asks Burke, "You want me to call security?" We leave before we hear his answer.

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