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Six Days, Part I

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The Big Set-Up
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Meredith and Derek are in bed between some awesome red sheets that I don't believe we've seen before, and she's snoring as he gazes at her. Eventually, she snores herself awake, and he wishes her a good morning and gives her a very McDreamy kiss on the lips. She's all cute and charmed that he's so sweet, oblivious to her nose trumpet.

Downstairs, George goes into the fridge and as he's getting out some mayo, he knocks the magnetic clip holding The Check -- looking wrinkled, grimy, and stained --to the floor. After pondering this a moment, he points out to Izzie, "I just dropped 8.7 million dollars on the floor." She's unconcerned, sipping coffee and reading a newspaper much in the same manner as those of us non-millionaires and asks, "And?" George replies, "I shouldn't be able to drop 8.7 million dollars on the floor." He finally throws something at her paper to get her attention and demands that she deposit The Check, but she calmly asks if he's misplacing anxiety about his father's upcoming surgery. She's no longer depressed, now she's just condescending. George asserts that it ruins every morning for him, not just this one, and pleads with her to deposit it as a favor to him. She declines but finally tears her attention from the newspaper long enough to offer him a ride to work, complete with a little, "ta-da!" face at the end that I love, even though I also get nervous now every time I see The Check, and I'm a viewer who knows that this is a fictional show and it's fictional money. Defeated, George picks it up, but before sticking it back on the fridge, he shows it to her face and growls, "You don't deserve 8.7 million dollars!" "Hmm, so true," she agrees. I guess you've got to hand it to her that she does realize that.

The merry band of interns is following Bailey through the hall and, in tag-team conversation, ask Cristina how Burke is doing. Despite Burke's surgery being the day before, she doesn't know, since they're still a couple but aren't speaking to each other. ... Okay. Cristina then asks Mere if she asked McDreamy about Burke's hand, because apparently now this is junior high school. In a rare wise move, Meredith says she's not going to be in the middle of The Most Dysfunctional and Baffling Relationship Ever. (Fine, so the last part was maybe a leeeetle bit of editorializing on the part of your recapper.) Izzie suggests swallowing her pride and ASKING HER BOYFRIEND how he's doing, but Alex smarms, "Her gut's not big enough for that." It's funny 'cause it's true.

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