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Six Days, Part I

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The Big Set-Up

Despite her insistence that this isn't her family, Meredith is watching the surgery, and Richard finds her and asks how it's going. He points out that her dad is waiting anxiously and she might give him an update, but she glumly tells him to do it. He points out, "He's not a big fan of mine." Mere replies, "He's not a big fan of mine either." Richard, however, doesn’t think that's really true, and he fights a moment for her father, pointing out how strong-willed her mother was and that Meredith only knows her side of the story. Mere points out that her life doesn't usually work out in ways like finding out there's a stash of unopened birthday cards he sent each year, but Richard counters that she won't really know unless she asks.

George's brothers watch, horrified, as George kneels near his father's bed, inspecting his catheter bag. Callie comes in and asks what's up, and they disgustedly tell her, "Georgie's obsessed with our dad's pee." Their mom tries to quiet them, but she's clearly also a tad confused by the actions of her youngest son. George doesn't look up but corrects that he's obsessed with kidney function, and that he's not obsessed, he's excited. He jumps up and yells, "130 cc's of shiny yellow urine!" Callie gets just as excited, asking how long it's been, and when he says four hours, they begin laughing and dancing, to the delight and horror of the family. In the heat of the moment, he grabs her and kisses her, and then he thanks her. The boys are aghast, but his mom just smiles. So do I, as I've been waiting and hoping for George to actually appreciate Callie and her awesomeness. In my living room, I do my own happy pee dance of joy.

Addison comes out of surgery and sees Mark, and tells him, "I'm sorry you're hurting." He counters, "You're sorry I'm hurting, or you're sorry?" I'm sorry she's not hurting him right now, personally.

Alex is watching over Baby Grey, with his hand inside the incubator, stroking her tiny head. My womb just made a little squeal. Addie walks in on him and he immediately tries to cover that he wasn't just engaged in a tender moment but she's caught him and assures him it's good and that, "We all need a little human contact from time to time." He explains that it's hard to see the baby like this since they didn't sign up for the pain, and she guesses that's why he liked plastics -- because those people were mostly asking for what they got. She tells him that watching the struggle sucks, but that watching them get better and go home is so fulfilling that it's worth it. She's smiling to herself thinking of those good parts of the job, you know, in addition to being surrounded by the hottest stable of male doctors ever assembled in a single building, two of which she's seen naked. She then asks if he wants to go back to plastics, but he admits defeat and says no, and also admits that he gave Mark the vanilla coffee on purpose. When she asks why, he tells her seriously, "Because he was rude to you." They have A Moment, and awkwardly lean in for a kiss, but with a centimeter to go are saved by a nurse walking in. There are a lot of awkward apologies, and he flees. Addison needs somewhere to bang her head and nearly uses the incubator until she jumps up in realization and just puts her head in her hands. So it's looking like maybe this will be Naked Hot Doctor #3.

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