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Six Days, Part I

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The Big Set-Up

Izzie goes into Heather's room and finds her walking to the bathroom, and her knee-jerk reaction is to ask if the girl needs help. Heather's beyond angry and tells her she can do it and to get out of the way. Oh, those $8 million wheels must be turning in her pretty head.

Meredith comes across Thatcher, again waiting at his granddaughter's incubator, and she flees. He heads into the hall and hopefully calls out her name, but she's already gone.

Props to the poster who nailed the tone of the final scenes, but who I can't thank by name because when I went to credit them, the forums had crashed. As music plays, each character gets their own thoughtful shot, and it looks like we should really have captions underneath each a la "Everybody Hurts." George flips through a magazine while Bailey looks sad. Cristina lays on a couch, while Burke lays in bed. Alex looks to the heavens in one of the elevators, and Addison does the same in a different elevator (in a scene cut straight out of a long-ago episode, in fact, going to show more crack editing.) Mark sits angrily at a desk, and Richard and Bailey exclaim grim glances. Cristina is still on the couch, but as the camera pans back, you see that the couch is in Burke's hospital room, and they're just silently staring at one another. Callie sits alone in the stairwell, and then we see George, as a friend takes his hand. It's Izzie, and they sit silently. Meredith and Derek sleep in the same bed, she sporting a red nose strip. Unfortunately, she starts to snore anyway, waking him up. And we're to be continued.

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