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The Big Set-Up

They arrive at O'Malley Sr.'s room, where a huge group of loud O'Malleys are wearing party hats and laughing loudly and break into a giant cheer when George walks in, followed by the others. George looks overwhelmed, but all of the other visitors, including his mom, are beaming. When the Chief asks who is presenting, George's dad excitedly asks if George can do it. "He's real good," George's dad says, and his whole family cheers. It's endearing, having seen what a fish out of water George generally feels like around the fam. The fam applauds and cheers as George explains that his dad is looking great after heart surgery and is having his cancer surgery the next morning, though he uses far more technical terms than that. His dad looks so proud that he might burst, and all of this is making me a tad nervous about what might come from said surgery. When he's done, everyone bursts into applause and cheers, to the delight of Bailey and the interns. Bailey sends the crowd out, though, for the examination. Mrs. O'Malley explains that her husband is feeling great, which is why they invited everyone -- they figured that after tomorrow's surgery he wouldn't be feeling up to it. He asks how long after surgery he'll start chemo, and there's a pause before the Chief tells him it will depend on what they find once they're inside. Mere explains to them that the tests can only tell so much and they'll learn more once they can actually see for themselves. What's telling is that they seem to be answering only as much of each question as they have to, and George's parents keep gently asking for more information. Richard deftly passes the buck to the oncologist that they will be meeting with later. Mere will be doing tests on him today, and Bailey suggests it would be best if the rest of the family left. George's mom quietly removes her party hat, and George kisses her cheek; the air in the room is much more somber and it's fairly obvious that tomorrow could be a bad day.

The next visit is to Burke's room, and before McDreamy can get inside, Cristina corners him to ask about the tremors. You know, as one of his doctors. Derek points out that she's also his girlfriend, and it's confidential, so she needs to ask Burke herself. Once they're all inside, Alex presents, and the gist is that everything looks good, so Cristina adds to the room in general, "Ask about the hand." Meredith tells her to ask, Bailey puts her on the spot, and she declines to ASK HER BOYFRIEND HOW HE'S DOING, which causes Burke to smirk. This is so stupid, and the whole storyline makes me mad. Talk or break up, morons. They file out, but Burke calls George back in to ask about his father, which is really endearing and goes a long way towards making me feel a bit of sympathy for him. I'm sure that will somehow go to hell later. George is obviously still a bit uncomfortable, but the two seem to be working on it which is good, and functional, and Cristina might take a few notes. Well hell, I guess Burke could, too.

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