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To help make her feel better for possibly killing some of her patients, Bailey gets this week's voiceover. She's dressed in a suit, washing her hands, and tells us that infections are like sleeping monsters since we can't see or feel them. Over this deep thought, she regards her reflection in the mirror.

A team of at least twelve people in suits files into the hospital and we know they are important because they are moving in very dramatic slow motion. The man who seems to be their leader shakes Jackson's hand and then we see a montage of them gathering evidence -- this is the team from the CDC, here to try and figure out what sleeping monsters are lurking about, killing folks. They take a surgical glove for testing, and then a waxy piece of dead Joyce's skin. Bailey then has her nose and the palm of her hand swabbed as she tells us that when the monsters wake up, they are out of control.

Bailey tries to go check on Seth, the only infected patient of the three who is still living. Richard tells her she shouldn't be there but she's in a panic to know how he's doing especially since she's been locked out of his record on the computer. She feels humiliated after the nasal swab but Richard tells her that they are doing that to everyone. What they are not doing to everyone is interviewing them regarding their work. Desperately, she tells Richard that she figured out that the grafts she used must be what has caused the infection, and begs him to pass this along. Richard just tries to calm her and tells her to do her interview and he'll take care of Seth.

At a meeting, the majority of the board members voice their displeasure at how this whole situation is being handled -- most of them think that the hospital (which, for the sake of this conversation really means Jackson) is throwing Bailey under the bus but Jackson denies this and thinks that after two patient deaths it was time to bring in the CDC. His limpid green eyes are not enough to soothe the other board members, who are all shooting angry glares in his direction. He's not able to just absolve Bailey immediately like the others are and tells them to just let the CDC do the investigation and to not discuss anything with Bailey since they've temporarily frozen her files. As if this wasn't enough, he adds that he thinks the hospital should also put out a statement. The others all howl in protest, pointing out that they don't know what is going on yet so what would they say? He just wants to cover the hospital's butt so that they don't look like they were hiding something if the shit hits the fan later. Unfortunately, I have to agree that he has a point, but it does seem like doing anything now would mean making Bailey the scapegoat no matter if it turns out to really be her or not. But Callie calls for a vote on the release, and they all vote against the boy king so will keep mum for now.

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