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Callie then goes to see Frankie and gives her not only her phone, but a copy of the press release the hospital is now issuing, explaining what happened. She tells the delighted young reporter that she has 12 hours to scoop whatever news outlets pick this up. Frankie is beside herself, wriggling like a puppy with joy, and a happy Callie tells her to go be awesome. Frankie then says that she has both a question and a follow-up, but this time Callie laughs at her cheeky overeager instincts instead of fretting that she's going to destroy them all. We never actually do hear those questions, though.

Jackson goes back to the ER where April is once again pouting while standing at the desk. He gives her the good news about Bailey but she's more interested in still laying all of her problems on her ex. He finally gets fed up and tells her that he's done being treated like shit, and if she wants to feel guilty about what happened she's to leave him out of it. He reminds her, quite rightly, that he didn't force her to do anything. Her mature reaction to this is to just out her jaw while she fidgets defiantly. He tells her he's sorry she got hurt and that Matthew broke up with her, but he'll never be sorry about sleeping with her. She looks surprised to hear this though I don't know why because he's said it at least a few times before, but on cue Matthew appears with sad puppy-dog eyes and says hello. Jackson leaves, and Matthew takes his place in front of April and apologizes to her. She at least has the good grace to tell him he has nothing to apologize for but he thinks he does since he didn't give her a "do over" like she asked him for. He now wants his own do-over, and April grabs him in a hug and tells him of course. But over his shoulder, she stares in the direction where Jackson walked away.

Richard walks outside and finds Bailey sitting on the bench where everyone goes to sit and stare contemplatively at the rain when they are sad or upset. He tells her that this could have happened to any of them, but she doesn't want to hear it since she killed two patients. She then asks about Seth, and is horrified when Richard reluctantly admits that he didn't make it either. Bailey can't deal with having now killed three people, and when Richard reaches out towards her she shies away and begins to yell. She thinks that Richard totally abandoned her when she wanted to try and help Seth, and that he was really only looking out for the hospital and not for her during this whole thing. And while this is yet another fight brought on by a misunderstanding since she walked away and didn't hear him stand up for her earlier, this one is way more believable (compared to the stupid April/Jackson or Princess/Alex fights) since she's gutted by the patient deaths. So gutted, in fact, that she really starts cutting deep as she continues to holler at Richard. She says that she always defended him when Adele claimed that he cared about the hospital about everything else. She then reminds him that she also covered for him while he was operating on people drunk, and that all of that means she deserved to have him stand by her now. Richard is shocked into silence, and Bailey just finishes up that he's not who she thought he was. She then walks away while he stares, dumbfounded. I'm curious to see how their relationship plays out, though, because he doesn't seem angry, at least at this moment. I think he knows how deeply hurt she is and where all this was coming from even though I'm sure he's itching to point out that he DID stand up for her. They'll have some talking to do, at least.

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