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Alex and Princess are still palling around and I still can't bring myself to give a crap about her. I do find it awesome that Alex rudely bumps into one of the CDC reps because he's really upset that they are trying to pin it all on Bailey. Princess doesn't seem to really care about that but does care about Alex actually making an effort to get along with Jason since they have to do a surgery together later. Alex reluctantly agrees to not call him names... to his face. Princess' counter to this is to gracelessly announce that she's moving in with Jason and then ask what Alex thinks. He of course thinks this is the definition of stupidity since she barely knows the guy (and Alex also thinks he is an idiot) and she's dumb enough to be kind of surprised by this reaction. It's not bad advice -- I would think he'd probably say the same thing even if he wasn't "secretly" in love with her. She yells at him and he finally grudgingly agrees to be nice at least during the procedure later that day.

Ethan appears to have been playing some soccer with pseudo-dad Owen when Owen happily surprises him with his grandma, who has finally made it to Seattle. She cries as she hugs Ethan and Owen smiles at the two of them. They then go in and see Rachel, who is doing well. Derek tells her he just wants to keep her there for a few more days for observation, but given everything that has happened she has no problem with it. Ethan then asks his grandma if she wants to see Paul. She's nervous about the idea but Owen assures her that it's fine and that Ethan talks to him every day. Ethan explains to her authoritatively that Paul is unconscious because his brain is resting, and grandma seems particularly weirded out by how fine everyone seems to be with the situation. Rachel requests to see her husband as well, and they allow Ethan to wheel her down to see him.

Bailey is looking nervously over some notes, waiting to go in for her CDC interview. She looks up as Leah walks out of the room but before she can ask anything, Leah says that she's not supposed to talk to her about it and practically sprints away to avoid any more conversation. Mr. CDC then calls her in.

Jackson goes to the ER to see if there are any patients he can help so that he can feel better about himself after the beating he took in the meeting. Just in case we didn't realize that everyone on the board is holding a grudge, Callie comes up and reports something on a random patient and then pointedly tells Jackson to alert the press. April, never one to worry about hiding an emotion, just sneers at Jackson until he bites and asks if she is okay. She proceeds to yell at him that Matthew dumped her because she lied to him about her virginity like Jackson told her to. Which... isn't true. She then proceeds to blame him for taking her virginity as if she had left it unguarded on a table and he'd snuck in like a thief and stuffed it in his bag before running out of the room, cackling. Any smidgen of goodwill I might have been feeling for her this season is gone with that. Take some responsibility, girl. But of course she doesn't, and instead blames Jackson entirely for her being neither board certified nor a virgin so basically her life is now ruined. She storms off and Jackson doesn't seem to have the energy to rightfully defend himself and instead allows himself a brief wallow since everyone is against him.

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