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Callie and Arizona walk over to Frankie and Tony and the first thing she asks about is her phone. To her dismay the phone has not turned up but Callie can report that Frankie's hand was pretty thoroughly crushed and she'll need quite an extensive surgery. They tell them that the goal is to get her totally back to normal but Tony seems not to quite believe this and instead hollers to Jane that Frankie's hand is in worse shape than they thought. Wow, we've actually found someone even less knowledgeable about the science of sound waves than our hospital staff. Frankie tells Callie she has no questions but then changes her mind and asks for confirmation that the CDC is there to investigate Bailey and the patients that she lost. Arizona asks suspiciously who told her all this and Frankie blurts out that it was an orderly before catching herself and saying she can't reveal her source. Well, she'll have time to perfect her methods while her hand heals. Frankie thinks that in asking that, Arizona just confirmed the info and can be her second source. Arizona practically sprints away and while Callie stays, she is visibly nervous about this budding Nancy Drew.

The whole staff seems on edge as the CDC continues their sweep of the hospital. Derek checks in with Mere and is upset to learn that she took over all of Bailey's patients except for Seth. He thinks she's taking a big risk, seeing as how she is pregnant and these patients could also have the mystery infection, but Mere wants to help Bailey and insists. She points out that this kind of concern is why she needs Cristina in the room. Derek's surprise says that this is the first he's hearing of this idea and while he can't be too surprised, he also doesn't seem too thrilled.

Owen and Cristina meet up in the elevator and he proposes a little on-call room stress reduction but she can't do it since she's on her way to the baby surgery. She rain-checks with him and then asks about Ethan's grandmother, who Owen accurately describes as sweet but useless. Cristina must know something is really up with him because she's using a soft and sweet voice that sounds totally foreign coming out of her mouth, even though she is totally sincere. She says she's glad to hear that Rachel is doing better, and adds that she's been running a bunch of neurological tests on Paul and has a good feeling that he'll be fine. Owen tells her, "Spoken like a true scientist," and gives her a proud, sciencey kiss. She then changes the subject to Mere's birth and table-pooping but Owen is adamant that Cristina be there. He tells her that "Watching a baby be born is like seeing God in person." Yeah, I'm not sure that's the argument to take with Cristina. She's surprised to hear this opinion and dryly replies that he's also spoken like a true scientist.

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