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When Bailey starts to recount Seth's surgery, there's no Aretha accompanying her this time. We see flashbacks to the procedure and she seems to be having a few problems with the details, such as mixing up which scrub nurse was working with her that time versus during Joyce's surgery. Mr. CDC reminds her of a few details that she seems to have forgotten and she adds those to her retelling, but seems to be struggling. He asks her if she was the one to close but her answer doesn't sound convincing and he asks her if she's sure. This finally causes Bailey to snap a little bit, and she asks him if he's sure if he put his cap on the tube of toothpaste that morning. She starts to make the point that when you do something every day, you don't necessarily remember each separate time but he cuts her off thinking she's being flip, and reminds her that two patients died. She's beyond insulted and points out that since they were her own patients, she has internalized that more than even he has. He asks again if she is sure she closed but Bailey is fed up, asks to take a break, and leaves before she gets an answer despite his saying they don't have much left to do.

She finds Mere in the cafeteria and is surprised that Mere will actually talk to her since everyone else is avoiding her. Mere asks how she can help and Bailey admits that she is desperate to hear how Seth is doing. Mere reaches over to her handy tablet and starts to pull up his chart but then Jackson hollers out her name across the room and she picks up her stuff and walks over to him like a guilty cheating student off to report to the teacher. She defends Bailey for wanting to check on her patients but Jackson is on edge because he knows the CDC will think that Bailey was trying to alter Seth's chart. Mere is still angry since she thinks that he called them too soon and thinks the hospital should stand by their doctors. Jackson of course disagrees and thinks that they had no choice, which she might realize if she looked at the bigger picture of how this could blow up. Uncle Al then comes up and shyly interrupts to see how his family is doing. Before they can answer, though, there's a commotion and Rachel slumps over, having a seizure. Bailey instinctively runs to her but Jackson hollers at her to get away and goes over to help as Rachel convulses and foams at the mouth.

Jason is about to start the c-section when the patient yells at him to stop, terrified. She can't bear the thought that her baby might not make it once he's born and she begs them for more time. For the millionth time, Cristina shows us how she's grown and become an even more awesome person in addition to surgeon, she looks the mother right in the eyes and tells her in a calm, firm voice that the baby's life depends on this and they have to do it now. She coaches the woman to take some deep breaths with her, and that works. After assuring the woman that they are doing everything they can to save the baby's life, she tells the mom that she can do this. Mom nods, so Jason starts the procedure.

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