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It's just about time for Frankie's surgery, and Callie and Arizona are talking to her in the OR before she's anesthetized. She is a tenacious little reporter and keeps asking for confirmation on the Bailey story, but Callie tells her, "Let it go, Woodward." Horrifyingly, the girl asks, "Who's Woodward?" and Callie tells her dryly that she should know that. Unfortunately, I know that this is not just a crazy idea from the minds of the writers because a friend who works in news had not one but TWO interns who also had no idea who Woodward (or, for that matter, Bernstein) was. KIDS: learn the history of your chosen profession. I know we all are very focused on the here and now these days, but you can still learn some things by studying, I don't know, important past figures in your chosen field. Also: get off my lawn, whippersnappers. To prove my point, Frankie informs Callie petulantly that not giving her her phone back is denying Frankie her second amendment right. Callie asks, confused, if she wants a gun now. Frankie gets all flustered and corrects that she was talking about the first amendment. They finally order her to count backwards, and when she is mercifully asleep, Callie asks in a panic what they are going to do. Well, give her some textbooks to read while she's recovering, for one thing.

Jason and Alex deliver the baby, and as they take him to the next room to start the surgery the mom thanks Cristina for her help.

Derek has arrived and is doing compressions on Rachel as he tells Owen one pupil is blown which means she is re-hemorrhaging. Owen is in a panic wondering what happened but even Derek doesn't know and he promises to update Owen as soon as he figures it out. They get her into the elevator and Owen runs to take the stairs and meet them in the OR. Before he goes he tells a scared Ethan that they'll help his mom and take care of him. A nurse then takes him to his grandma.

Because surgical emergencies all happen at once around here, Seth has chosen this moment to crash and Richard and Leah give him a chest tube as the alarms scream. His parents are watching, terrified.

Cristina gets to work threading a tiny catheter into the baby's heart. Alex is anxious and snaps at her but she tells him to hold his horses and then flawlessly finishes the procedure.

Owen makes it up the stairs and is outside the elevator when the doors open but he sees Derek just standing there sadly; he then gives a tiny shake of the head to say that Rachel didn't make it.

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