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Good Night, and Good Luck
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First off, big thanks to the awesome Joe R for filling in for me last week! And now, on to this week's episode. I was all set to finally call time on transcribing these stupid VOs because I feel like they have gotten more and more unwieldy and either been obvious or forced. But then this week had one that I found actually kind of interesting. So: "We doctors take pride in the fact that we can basically sleep standing up, anytime, anywhere." Jackson is asleep and starts screaming bloody murder, so Lexie comes in to wake him up. He sits bolt upright and starts demanding to know where Charles is, and a freaked-out Lexie realizes he's still asleep and finally gets him to wake up. He's embarrassed, but covers by just getting all pissy and stomping off to get ready for work.

"But it's a false pride because the truth is, after about 20 hours without sleep, you might as well just come to work drunk. Doctor or not. So, it's no wonder that fatal medical errors increase at night when we doctors are, proudly, sleeping on our feet." Well, that makes me fairly sure that even if I rip my arm off, I'm going to just wait until morning to go to the doctor. Derek gets home and sees Jackson shuffle to the bathroom (happily for all of us, sans shirt) and then looks into Alex's room as he sits bolt upright to his alarm, looking very much like an actual zombie if that zombie had just been beaten to a pulp. Lexie yawns her way to the bathroom but April is up and far too chipper, offering Derek some "breakfast" which he declines as it is 6 PM. Mere continues, "Recently, our communal pride has been shattered, and our egos have been wounded by new laws that require that we sleep all day before we work all night. We are not happy about it. But as someone who may one day need medical care, you really should be." Well, now I personally feel secure enough to go to the ER if my arm is ripped off, but if it's still hanging on by anything, I will still until morning since I don't believe that this daytime sleeping is doing any good. Either way, I found it personally rather interesting to learn there are now laws forcing doctors to sleep. Who knew?

Derek walks in to the bedroom where Mere is sleeping and recounts his day, tossing out casually that he got the Phillips Grant -- judging by Meredith's excited reaction, it's a big deal Alzheimer's grant. Mark is throwing him a party at Joe's, but Derek would rather fool around a little with his post-it bride. Too bad for him, she's late for work.

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