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April gets the comic relief patients of the night in two 15-year-olds who are in love and against his having to move away with his family so they have superglued their arms and hands together. The father is kind of awesome, not mad, just tired, and when they can't stop making out long enough to talk to April he answers, "Apparently my son and girlfriend's love is so great they can't HEAR YOU." The lip mics are really turned up for all of the disgusting smacking of their making out, too. The boy comes up for air long enough to declare that he's not moving with the family, he's staying there with the awesomely-named Lauren. They then go back to kissing but Lauren manages to suggest that she wishes they could glue their lips together, too. Oooooh, to be a teenager again, desperately in love and sure you've found your soulmate.

Stark has come back and is checking Kid McNeill. After he listens to him he gives thumbs up to Kid and then purses his mouth and nods at the mom. That's not weird and off-putting in the least, Doctor. He then walks out and asks Mere if she's had tiramisu from some particular restaurant. She's confused as she's thinking about, oh, medicine, but he's livid because she pulled him away before he could try said tiramisu. He's utterly sure that the kid just has gas and ridicules Mere for not reaching that conclusion on her own and calling him in. He brushes off her questions, repeats his diagnosis, and then stalks off talking about the tiramisu.

Owen shows up and gets right to work with Lexie on Reilly, who has now slipped into unconsciousness. Jackson calls out that Lucas has some sort of gaping wound and something stuck in it so Owen has him book and OR, and Jackson then tries to calm Lucas down as he keeps calling for his brother. He explains that his brother forgot his saxophone at school so they had gone back to get it, and that the guardrail was just coming down and he thought he could beat it. Kids: Never try to beat the guardrail. Despite Owen and Lexie's best efforts, Reilly finally dies, and Owen whispers the time of death so that Lucas can't hear. It's 1:40 AM. Emo music wails as Owen runs over to help Jackson with the other brother.

Derek walks over to the bar and Cristina happily pours him a scotch on the house, and an exhausted-sounding Joe has to explain that if she keeps doing that she'll put the house out of business. Cristina has gone completely manic and is acting like an airhead, as if all of her brain cells have just started dying off out of boredom from not working. Derek just asks her if she's having fun and she tells him seriously that she is, but as she accepts a tip and then picks up a tray of shots for the bachelors, she seems to have been a bit subdued by his question. Derek just sips his drink and watches her "work."

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