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Mere, whose patient is finally in the CT, has her own moment of thinking a white knight has arrived, this time in the form of Teddy. But Teddy astutely points out that if Joe won't give her back her car keys, she's probably not in good shape to actually practice medicine. Teddy then drops the bomb about Cristina bartending, which Mere thinks is a joke, but Teddy assures her that it's quite real. She then launches into yet another internet dating tirade, and Mere has to help her zip her jacket as she talks. Teddy then veers onto the subject of Cristina again, and she's pretty torn up that her star student is mixing drinks and letting bachelors feel her up. Mere looks appropriately grossed out at the idea, but then has to go back to work because the scans are up. Who would have ever thought we'd see the day that our residents were the more mature doctors, taking care of the attendings?

Mark has managed to get Callie home and as she wallows in her drunken funk he tries to make her feel better and helps her take off her boots. The camera gives us a long, loving shot as he unzips each one, so we know what is lurking somewhere in his mind. Mark mentions that Cristina looked like she was having fun but Callie says that's crap and talks about how girls who dance on bars are aloooooone, just like her. I agree with the "crap" part but her metaphor obviously veers off of Cristina and is about Callie's current state. She realizes she just needs to sleep, and Mark very sweetly tucks her in to her makeshift bed on his sofa.

So as we all knew from the very first second of the episode, Mere was right, and she tells Alex that Kid (Drew! He has a name! But I think "Kid" has now already stuck.) has a perforated ulcer and oh yeah, Cristina is working at Joe's. Fortunately she gets right back to the rather urgent medicine at hand, and tells Alex that of course Stark didn't answer when she called. The problem is that Kid needs surgery, and they both have a silent What Do We Do? moment.

What she does is bring Alex in to consult, and Alex informs Mrs. M that Kid needs surgery but that they called and Stark is on his way in, so they will start prepping kid now. Mrs. M is super grateful and thanks then genuinely.

Once they are out in the hall Mere points out the enormity of what they are about to do, calling in an OR team, since Stark might not ever answer the call. Alex just points out that Kid could die and says he's taking him in either way, then parrots the Chief by announcing that this is how you get things done at night. He talks a really good game, assuring Meredith that he could handle any of the complications she suggests, and that he can do it even better than Stark. He then asks if she's in or out, and though she seems a bit unsure, she absolutely won't let Alex do it without her.

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