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Into The Light

George runs down the hall and sees the women talking. Alex joins then, and Izzie and Bailey are there too. Alex squeezes Izzie's shoulder -- no one says a word, but the happiness is palpable.

That night, Derek is leaning in the doorway to Meredith's room, watching her sleep. She's under navy sheets, and can I take a moment to say that this hospital has more colored sheets than I've ever seen? I've seen many a hospital, but nary a colored sheet except for Seattle Grace. She wakes up and he smiles at her and says a quiet, "Hey." She "hey"s back. It's a cute moment between the two of them; they know what they mean to each other. He walks in slowly and kisses her, then sits next to her. She stares at him, never taking her eyes off of his face like he might disappear. He sighs and says her name, but before he can continue she says, "My mother's dead, isn't she." He confirms it, confused. She finally looks away, up at the ceiling and says, "It's okay. I think." She turns back to him and he nods. She repeats quietly, "I think it's okay." It may have been short, and a little bit contrived, but she needed that moment with her mom. She seems to have a calm air about her that's been missing for a long time. She got what she needed to really go on.

Addison watches them from the hallway as Derek holds Meredith's hand. Mark comes up next to her and asks if she's okay, which Addy confirms. She's distracted and upset, and finally says, "We never had that. He never felt that way about me." Mark just says, kind of sadly, "I did." And? I get it. He's a screw-up, but I've always felt like he really does have a special place for Addison, he's just a moron who also can't keep it in his pants. Not that I think that's a good recipe for a relationship, but I do believe his feelings." She starts to walk away but turns around to angrily tell him that it does seem like a waste to throw away all that history. I'm not sure if she means hers and Mark's or hers and Derek's; fortunately, it's kind of moot. Mark tells her seriously that he's messed up, but that their relationship wasn't a game. She gapes at him, literally with her mouth open, but then gathers herself and says, "60 days." She challenges him to go that long without sex, and that if he does she'll consider a relationship with him. "Grow up, Mark. Find another way to scratch the itch." Oh, I'd guess he already knows that way and just doesn't like it as much. He's game, and even excited about it, clarifying that it would be them as a real couple, not just as a booty call. As she walks away, he calls out to her (really professionally, in the middle of their workplace) that if he's not having sex, she's not either. She just laughs it off, wondering who on earth she'd sleep with.

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