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Cristina has left the 99-cent store for somewhere even more magical -- the bar. She swigs a beer and offers Joe some moisturizer from the many bags surrounding her. He points out that it smells like something burning, but she just dreamily corrects that it's gingerbread. Hmm, so it's gingerbread that I've tried to make, then. She realizes, "You're not getting this, are you," and dreamily marvels at how every single item cost a mere 99 cents. She dives clumsily beneath the bar as Joe cracks another beer (is that a good idea?) and thunks down a child's plastic chair in front of him and gestures like Vanna White. "It's small, it's tiny-sized, it has cat-like creatures on it. But it is a chair. For 99 cents you can buy furniture. THAT is America, man." Joe corrects her, "That's Taiwan, man," all the while looking like he's going to start backing away slowly any moment. He points out that this ferry disaster is a bad thing, and if she should be... but before he can finish "at work," she declares that she's coping, and his only job is to shut up and, "Look at all my crap!"

George and Izzie are having much less drinking-shopping-avoiding fun and wait in the hallway. They snap to attention when they see Bailey, but she's just there to assign them to Callie. They protest, but she seems to have remembered that they're doctors, and this is a crisis, so they should be helping. Callie tells them to head to the clinic, but Izzie refuses. Callie assures her that everyone is scared and they need to help, then turns to leave with George. Ever mature, Izzie rolls her eyes.

Alex asks Crush questions about her medical history, which is frustrating for both of them since she has no idea of any of the answers. I'm not quite sure why he's even bothering since they already established her amnesia, but without it there would be no way for her to lament that she doesn't even know the sex of her baby or if she's even married. She sees that she has a ring line but no ring, and neither she nor Alex knows what that means. He throws down his clipboard in frustration, which understandably scares her, and she asks if she's going to be okay. He quickly assures her yes and that he's worried about a friend. She says that she's sorry, and he just agrees that, "Things are tough all over."

Case in point, Sydney is in the clinic daring to tell everyone that there are no new updates. They do, however, desperately need blood donors, and she asks everyone waiting to consider donating. She's clearly worried but ever chipper. Izzie is going through a cooler filled with donated pints as Callie watches her with a needle in her own arm. When she asks what Izzie is doing, Iz explains curtly that she's looking for Mere's type. Callie starts again to try and comfort Izzie, saying they shouldn't give up. Izzie snarks, "I wasn't going to, but thanks." Callie has finally had enough, long after the rest of us had. She asks what she did to rile up Izzie and adds, "We need to pull together." Izzie absolutely flips out and spits, "Not 'we.'" She is mad that Callie seems to think she knows Meredith and lays that claim just to herself, George, and Cristina. Alex appears to be out of sight, out of mind for this argument, I guess. "We were here long before you and George started fooling around." Callie's pissed and points out George is her husband to which Izzie actually has the gall to reply, "Stop saying that like it means something; it's a piece of paper." I'd like to point out that all of this is coming from a woman who got engaged to a patient after a few weeks. Pot-kettle much there, Iz?

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