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Callie rips the line out of her arm and approaches Izzie, pulling the curtain around them. I thought (and desperately hoped, with unabashed glee) that she was going to punch her, but she instead just informs Izzie she won't be run off, and that George wants her there. She goes so far as to say that if Izzie would get over herself, they might be friends, which is kind of like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Callie also threatens, "Or you can keep on like you are, and be that person that George used to know." Don't judge me for actually saying out loud, "Ooh, burn!" to the TV screen. Izzie's fighting a losing battle and argues that it's George's decision alone. Is she really so dumb that she thinks he's not going to choose his wife first? I feel like it was a rite of passage in college to aggressively hate a friend's significant other and then learn that the friend was not going to appreciate your brutal honesty and you'd have to do a lot of groveling over a private meal in the dorm cafeteria to get them back in your good graces. Izzie was in school for years between college and med school, I find it hard to believe that she was so busy modeling to live through this like the rest of us. Callie, on the other hand, knows what his choice will be. She advises, "You cannot afford to lose another friend. Not when people around you keep... " Izzie finishes her thought when she hesitates. "Keep... dropping like flies. Is that what you were about to say?" She storms out.

Mere's still wandering the hospital, agitated that her ghost minders won't stop pestering her about the little drowning incident. Bonnie's especially mad that she keeps saying nothing happened, asking if Meredith realizes how hard it really is to be dead. Mere tries to argue that Bonnie was so strong in the hospital but she screams that she was in shock and then drugged to the hilt. In retrospect, she points out, she got a fairly shitty deal, as she was young and about to get married when she died. (And here is where we have the final opening credit, 16 minutes into the episode. I feel like maybe that could be trimmed a little bit, no?) She's taking it kind of personally that Meredith doesn't seem bothered by being dead. No one believes Mere's weak protests that she fought but that the water was too cold. Denny counters her by asking what happened in the tub. She continues arguing before recoiling at the idea of him watching her in the tub, but he corrects that much as he'd love seeing a bathing woman, they just know things in their dead counselor world. Liz shows up to argue that any daughter of Ellis's would have to think about dying at some point, so Mere says it's not about her mom. Denny points out that this means it's about Derek. She protests that, too, and Bonnie starts yelling at her again about the lack of respect she has for life. She gets so upset that the bleeding starts anew.

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