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Into The Light

Derek takes a seat in the waiting room, having changed into street clothes. A man sitting next to him asks who he is waiting for her, as he's waiting for his wife who was hit by a car on the ferry. He remarks how hard it is to get any information out of "these people" in the hospital. Derek starts to respond but catches himself and just says that he's there for his girlfriend. Right now, he's not a doctor, he's just someone who needs to learn how to wait and let others take care of things. He does an amazing job looking worried, sad, and resigned to that. The man tells him they have to wait, "It's out of our hands. It's up to the doctors now." Derek smiles sadly and agrees. The man asks her name and says he'll put Meredith in his prayers, and Derek sadly but sincerely thank him.

Surgatory. Mere is still trying to help Bonnie as an exhausted Denny just says it will happen again. Once again, Bonnie disappears, but this time Dylan is back, telling her, "Fool me once." Fool him how, sending him to the OR? He's the one who acts like he knows the most on this little committee. He's cute as a smartass, but I don't get it. However, I fully support the idea of Denny and Dylan having their own show. Surgeon Whisperer! I can see it now, it's going to be a smash hit. Dylan says to the room, "She's either going to get it, or she's not." Meredith wants to know what he's talking about, finally. Unfortunately, his answer doesn't really clear things up. He tells her she's either there or here, and that there's no in between. Denny and Bonnie are stuck, but he argues that he is not since he had a good life, helped people, and completed his task before he died, which was saving Meredith's life. I guess, although one could argue that Denny, with his heart and his engagement, died happily in his sleep. And why is Liz there? I need to stop questioning this and go with it. She furrows her brow -- she seems to not get this as much as I don't. I think I need to just give up and enjoy having one last chance to see these characters.

The crash of cymbals bring us dramatically back to the real world. Bailey looks like she's given up, sadly watching the Chief continue to work on Meredith. Her temperature has dropped again, and he's shocked and mad.

Ellis, now calm, wakes up to see Derek sitting on the couch in her room and staring at her. He looks like he's been crying. As is her wont, she looks perturbed and orders him roughly to get her some water. He does, very gently, and then strokes her hair as she sips from the straw. Then, softly, he tells her, "You broke her. You called her ordinary. You told her time and time again that nothing she does, ever, is good enough. Every good thing Meredith is happened despite you. She may not survive this, and that's on you. That is on YOU." His voice and his anger grow, and Addison catches him, calling his name. Ellis just looks a bit confused, but not terribly perturbed by the dressing down.

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