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Denny's back, and he and Mere sit across from each other in the hallway with Doc, who lies with his head in Mere's lap. She quietly tells him about the bay, where she was swimming and fighting. "And then I thought, just for a second I thought, what's the point?" She starts to cry, and Denny nods with understanding. She admits that she stopped fighting, and tells him not to tell anyone, to which he agrees. I'm still unclear as to why he's the one leading this journey for her, but I love him, and I do think he's been totally in character and is a good person to help her in this time, so I love it.

They sit as a bell tolls somewhere, to remind us that we're in Creepytown. Denny suddenly looks both happy and sad, and a little like he's having a moment for which we should give him some privacy. He can feel Izzie sometimes when they're in the same spot, and he likes to think she knows he's there too. But he grows serious and tells Meredith that's all she gets in death are those moments. Because it appears that if you die at Seattle Grace, you're destined to spend your entire afterlife there, or something. Head hurting again; I'll leave it be. She asks him if this is really happening and he answers, "I don't know. This is your afterlife. Not mine." He's suddenly gone as chimes sound, and water suddenly rushes up to her feet. It looks like maybe this time she'll be given the chance to fight to survive.

Land of the Living. Izzie walks past George and asks if there's been a change, and he icily tells her no. She droops and pleads that they can't do "this" today. Then start by taking your own advice, sheesh. George realizes that too, and demands to know what she said to Callie. She waffles between denial and wanting to know what Callie said, but George just yells that she said nothing, but he saw her face and knows something happened. "Why would you pick now to throw down?" Seriously, it's not just that she's being a complete jerk, repeating her opinion over and over. It's that she's doing it when one of their best friends is hovering on the brink of death. Time and place, which by the way you've already done. She says that she didn't, which is funny since it was a pretty textbook definition. Actually it was textbook fraidy-cat throwing down. You didn't actually throw the first verbal punch, but you took the way I did when breaking up with my first boyfriend, where I didn't want to be the one to say it so I danced around it until he had to make the suggestion. I'm not proud, but I was a teenager at the time. Izzie decides to go with "proud," though, and haughtily says she can't lie about her feelings, but George asserts that she can and people do all the time. "You should hold your tongue because if I'm not making a mistake you're going to look like a jerk. And if I am, I'm going to need you. I need you, and you keep taking that away." He stutters a couple of times, but not like usual. This is a George who's sure of himself and has grown quite a spine lately, and I love seeing it. He walks away and she glowers.

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