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Derek, being the only doctor in the hospital since everyone else is by his girlfriend's beside, works on Ellis. He tells a nurse to page Burke but is told he can't come because he's performing the cardiopulmonary bypass, which Derek realizes is on Meredith. Well duh, Derek, you don't see any other patients in this hospital, do you?

It looks like Mere's procedure is done, and her temperature is up to 96 degrees. The doctors breathe a collective sigh of relief and exposit that now the only thing they need is a heartbeat.

In surgatory, Meredith panics, desperate to get back. Unfortunately, she might have spent too much time on that river known as DeNial, and it might be too late. She hyperventilates and screams, "I had intimacy issues! Do you know how stupid that seems now?" The gallery of ghosts nod their heads and seem proud that she's realized she wants to live, even though she might not be able to. She continues desperately, "It's not enough. It's not enough, just a whiff of Derek, or of Cristina. I need to go back now!" She panics, and they all watch, looking unable to muster up their "concerned" faces.

Things don't look too good in Ellis' room, as Derek yells at her not to die on him today. It's classic TV medical melodrama. He shocks her, but nothing changes.

It's a tough time for the Grey women, as Meredith is also still flatlined. She's now warm, but her heart hasn't taken the cue to beat. Richard's shoulders fall. "So she's warm." Bailey confirms it. "And dead," he says angrily. Everyone stands quietly, when there's one tiny beat. They snap into action and shock her, but nothing happens. Bailey begins to yell at her not to give up and does it in her own way by yelling about all of the effort and resources they've put into saving her. She and Richard have traded roles, as now he tells her there's nothing else they can do, having been on bypass nearly an hour. There are tears in all of their eyes when Cristina walks in. She stares at Meredith, and Burke closes the door behind her.

Sort-of-maybe-ghost Meredith is still panicking that she can't actually die today, and Bonnie nonchalantly assures her it will pass. It's quite a change from the girl screaming at her about not appreciating life, to this one who doesn't seem to care. Can't these ghosts keep things straight? At that moment, Meredith looks up and sees her mom in the hall and asks, "Mom?" Cut to commercial. It seemed redundant to show Ellis and also have Meredith say something. I understand wanting to cut on Meredith saying "Mom" but think maybe that's all we should have seen for now. It's kind of clumsily done.

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