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They've gotten Richard back in bed, and he grimaces and tells them he's sure he's broken some ribs. Callie comes in and is appalled and exasperated to see him hurt; he's embarrassed, as he really should be.

Leah is gazing into the room where Arizona is updating her patient's parents when the babysitter slinks out and mopes that she probably should leave, since she's sure she's the last person they want to see. Maybe Leah will see such a kindred spirit that she'll fall helplessly in love with her in the next five minutes. The babysitter emotionally flogs herself for getting too attached, and then admits she wants to stay to see if they need anything. Leah offers to wait with her and then gazes longingly at Arizona some more. I don't mean to sound like a heartless bitch, like I know I so often do, because I have fallen for someone unavailable and it really sucks balls. But Leah herself points out that she gets too attached too quickly, so I can't get very invested in this.

Stephanie finds Jackson and after she fails to get any dirt out of him regarding Bailey's getting kicked out of the OR, he tells her happily that he got them out of going to April's wedding. She finally seems to absorb what the actual issues are, about feelings that may still be lingering, and tells him all about her patient's convoluted love life. She tells Jackson that Victor hugs Stan when he cries, and that's what it looks like when people are actually over each other. She both has a point, but yet also this assumes that everyone is a hugger, which is very much not the case even when you are over someone. She then basically tries to get Jackson to admit that they aren't going because things are still weird, and to his credit he says that April is neurotic, he and Matthew will never hug, and that it's always going to be a little bit uncomfortable, but that none of that means he's not over April. Well… we'll see. He assures Stephanie that she's his girl, and she seems to finally relax and take him at his word.

Mere finally goes to the lab to confront Cristina while she and Smash are printing out their new conduit and tries to kick them out, but Cristina tells her they still need more time. Mere is furious at the idea and finally lays into Cristina the way I think she felt Cristina laid into her a few weeks ago, telling her she's not God, she failed to revolutionize medicine with this experiment, and now she might lose a baby because of it. Just as she's picking up steam Smash yells at her to be quiet and she can't believe her ears, warning him to tread carefully. Cristina has spent the whole time with her shoulders hunched protectively, facing the printer, and doesn't really move as Smash yells that Cristina wasn't going to do this because she didn't want to upset Mere, but Smash talked her into it. Cristina tries to get him to stop, and Mere smiles venomously and mocks that Smash has a case of Hero Worship. Remember earlier this season when Mere was actually one of the coolest, together, reasonable people on this show? I barely do either. Smash totally calls her out on being the one to make it emotional, pointing out that the normal course of action would have been to go to the Chief to settle this dispute, but he figures she knows that he would have let them finish. He informs her that she'll get the printer tomorrow. Mere cocks her head a moment and death stares at Cristina, but finally storms away. Once she's gone Smash apologizes for stepping out of line, but after a moment Cristina reaches up and gives him a long kiss. Oh boy.

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