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Arizona and Callie are getting ready to leave; Callie snarks that she was going to check on her patient but she doesn't want to run into Leah and make her cry. Arizona has finally had enough, and when Callie goes on at length about how next time maybe Arizona should find a hookup outside of their workplace, Arizona stands up for herself. She reminds Callie that they are getting back together under the assumption that both of them made mistakes, and they are ready to start fresh. She adds that she can't keep apologizing, and Callie can't keep playing the victim. Which, AMEN. I mean, I get it, so much, but inviting her back and then keeping her on the sofa is a kind of bitch move. She tells Callie that if she wants her, she is back, but she's not there to be a whipping boy. Callie actually gets all huffy, but Arizona just adds that by the way, if she's back, then she sleeps in the bed. Callie negotiates one night to get used to it and then says fine, she can sleep in the bed. It's not enthusiastic, but it's a start.

Ben and Bailey arrive home, and she's hollering at him for getting her in trouble and orders him to stay out of her career. When she tries to really get going, Ben finally cuts her off and yells that he should have gone to Owen himself days ago, and this is not received well at all -- Bailey knocks a chair over in anger and frustration. But, proving that Ben is right, she can only leave it there for a few moments before picking it up and positioning it just so. The fact that she can't help herself makes her even angrier, and she cries and leaves the room.

Princess and Alex are outside Richard's room while Leah and Stephanie get him settled. She's beating herself up for not stopping the test sooner but Alex sweetly -- and truthfully -- points out that he's a hard guy to stand up to. They then talk about Thanksgiving, and she tells him that he should go on his own to Mere's and that she and the girls are going to spend it here with Richard. Alex jokes about her blowing him off but they decide that all works and they'll meet up after -- it's awfully adult and functional of the two of them. She then goes inside and after some bickering they decide to pick up a bucket of fried chicken and all the trimmings to celebrate the holiday.

Meredith, dressed and about ready to leave, bitches to Derek that her best friend is a mean girl, which never bothered her when she was mean to others, but not she hates it and doesn't know why she picked her. Dear Mere: Please find a little bit of your sense of personal responsibility. You seem to have misplaced it somewhere and it's making you insufferable. Also: please go watch some dancers perform a tango. Notice that it takes two people. Derek is clearly tired of this rant and when Owen walks up to happily say that Emma is fine with it if Mere invites Cristina, and Mere bites his head off, Derek does a quick but admirable eye roll. Cristina then walks up behind them to get a file and, sensing the tension, Owen slowly backs away. Derek takes off too, leaving the two woman to aggressively ignore each other while Mere VOs that surely, it's just a cold, nothing is really wrong because if it was, they'd be able to figure out it out because they are doctors… right? Seriously, least dignified setup of a beloved character's exit, ever.

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