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Printing Pressure

They go in and tell Donna that whatever she's got is more advanced than they thought, and basically the only thing they can do is surgery that will help ease her pain. Her husband Victor is there and he's devastated that there seems to be no hope, but Donna stays strong and says dealing with the pain is better than nothing, so they agree to do surgery later that day.

Cristina and Alex are checking on baby Nathan, and Cristina reports that Smash is currently in the process of printing the actual graft that they plan to implant in their tiny patient. She then changes the subject to Emma and her muffins, but tries to be the bigger person and chokes out that she's glad he's getting laid. She is much less glad that she is not, claiming it makes her work suffer. Alex wants Cristina and Mere to make up so he's saved the sex talk, but Cristina nags him until finally he plays along and suggests that she find something (and by that he means someone) to play with. Smash walks up then but they don't see him and he finally clears his throat while Cristina contemplates the idea. He then gives her bad news -- the conduit they printed is contaminated.

They go to the lab and try to figure out a solution since Nathan is in really bad shape and they don't think he can hold on for another day. She then leaves to discuss it with Alex and Smash reminds her that Mere gets the printer at 10 AM, adding that they were the ones who made a big stink about having a schedule and sticking to it so they've basically got to play along now.

April finds Stephanie and asks for her address so that she can send her a wedding invite. Steph is a little bit confused but writes it down while April tells her that, "obviously" she'll have a plus-one. Stephanie gets a turn at playing Incredibly Socially Dense doctor today and doesn't see the very obvious reason staring her in the face as to why she was invited.

Alex is pissed that Nathan's surgery is getting delayed again and when Cristina accuses him of needing sex too, he points out that he's getting some and that she's the one making him cranky since she asked him for a favor in helping with Nathan. He adds that he doubts if the procedure is even going to work.

As Ben and Bailey walk in he tries to get her to talk to someone in psych but she brushes it off as nothing. She's adamant that nothing is wrong, she's just got a busy life, "like you used to have when you were pursuing something that challenged you." She's got quite the claws on the fingers she is pulling! Also, I would argue that currently Ben especially considering that one could argue that Ben is very much still pursuing something challenging in trying to get her some help.

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