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Just then Jackson escorts in a trauma and grabs her to help. The patient is a 6-year-old girl who was hit by a car, and she's accompanied by her frantic and worried babysitter who explains that the parents are out of town. Arizona is there and when they see the kid has a broken femur, Owen asks if it's okay to call Callie to help. Arizona tells him it's fine since they are working things out, and he's glad to hear it. He then assigns Leah to help them out; she immediately tries to get out of it but Arizona won't let her do that. She promises to update the babysitter and reassures her that everything will be fine.

In the OR Arizona tells Leah she should stick around to help Callie when she's done, reminding a protesting Leah that she's a resident and should be begging for any chance to be in surgery. She tells Leah it doesn't have to be awkward, and Leah finally asks if Arizona and Callie are really getting back together. Arizona tells her gently that they are, and that Leah doesn't want to be the person who will wait around in case it doesn't work out. Word times a million, there.

Donna has a friend visiting and Stephanie can't help but overhear their conversation while she works in the room. She then can't stop listening when she realizes what is going on -- Donna is trying to find someone to be with her partner after she passes because she thinks he is going to need someone and would never do it on his own. The twist in this, as she clarifies for her friend, is that this isn't for her husband (who she loves) but rather for a whole different dude named Stan. If Steph was a cartoon character she'd be scraping her slack jaw off the floor right now.

Derek is working on his new genius-spit implant design and catching up with Ben; both men admit that things aren't ideal but that you have to make sacrifices for your family. Derek, however, seems about to reneg on his sacrifice and admits that Mere is going to kill him since he's very clearly not downshifting to be with the kids. All the more fuel that Mere can add to her indignant, entitled, martyr fire. As they talk, Ben admits that Bailey has been having troubles that just might maybe kinda be a case of OCD. Ben had known that the holey glove incident was hard on her but didn't realize how much -- and I would argue that she would have continued getting over that if not for Richard winding up as her patient and then firing her which seems to have reignited and accelerated her nervous tics. Ben admits that he's not sure she's actually doing anything to deal with it on her own, and he's worried since she kept a patient under for an extra hour a few days earlier. It's at this point that Derek tries to stop him, but Ben is so grateful to get things off his chest that he goes on about how she's performing unnecessary procedures. Derek finally cuts him off to remind him that he's on the board, and therefore can't ignore any possibility of physician misconduct. Ben's face falls with an, "OH, SHIT," look upon it.

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