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Printing Pressure

Cristina finds Smash and tells him that he has to break it to Mere that they need the printer for longer, griping that she doesn't have the time to, "manage her feelings." She knows Mere will be pissed but says she'll get over it, though she doesn't seem as sure about that as she might have in the past. Smash has the idea to tell Steph and have Steph tell Mere, and Cristina is fine with it. Smash then changes tone and in a saucy voice tells her that if she needs to have a little bit of fun between the sheets, he's there for her. Cristina turns in slight disgust and asks, "Are you offering to service me?" It's awesome moments like these that I just want to cry because Sandra Oh is leaving. Smash apologizes but tells her it was just for the sake of the work, which she informs him is actually an even worse approach. She finally gets him to shut up, to save him from himself.

Mere swings by the conference room where Owen is hanging out and Emma is surely not actually getting any work done. She tries one of the muffins which is of course amazing and makes a crack about their Thanksgiving, which elicits a lot of awkward stuttering and denials since they hadn't talked about the holiday. Lots of stuttering short, it turns out neither of them has plans, so Mere half-jokes that they can come to her house if Emma will cook since she and Derek basically just always ignore the holiday since they can't cook. People, we live in the age of really amazing dinners that you can pick up fully cooked, so that is no excuse. Mere tells her to think about it and goes off to do some work.

She finds Stephanie and icily tells her that she's going to examine Richard and then they can go visit the printer before asking, "Is that okay with you?" So she's not over that whole little, "getting kicked out of the OR" thing. Leah and Princess witnessed the scene so Steph tells them what happened and then changes the subject to April's wedding. It seems neither of them had to give their address to April, but yet somehow this doesn't yet clue her in as to what is going on. Smash then comes up and tells her that they need the printer for longer. She hollers at him that he has to tell Mere himself but he claims he has to go set up the machine, and takes off leaving her to the unenviable task.

Richard really, really wants out of the hospital, but they can't let him go until he passes his stress test -- the loophole being that he could go to a rehab facility, but he absolutely doesn't want that. He even promises to get a medical aide if he goes home, so she finally agrees to letting him do the test again and says Princess can run it. MEre then adds that if he's out by Thanksgiving, he and Catherine can come to dinner at her house. He's skeptical until he hears that someone other than Mere will be cooking and then starts to fuss about how Emma makes her stuffing.

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