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Stephanie finds Leah moping in the stairwell about how Arizona and Callie don't need her since they have each other and she is the saddest little angel the hospital has ever seen. Stephanie delicately asks if Leah was really that into Arizona, and an insulted Leah interrupts to insist that she was. She then moans about how she can't keep falling apart at work when she gets dumped, which is starting to happen all the time. You know, or twice. A full year apart. Steph basically orders her to get up, pull herself together, and do her job like a real surgeon but she does supportively offer her hand to help pull Leah up.

Owen runs into Cristina who tells him briefly about how they had a problem with the graft, and they will have to do the procedure tomorrow. He's fine with that and then asks her about Thanksgiving; unsurprisingly, she was planning to just work. She asks what he is doing and he stutters until she points out that he can say Emma's name without her falling apart. She then gives him a friendly warning that if Emma is cooking a turkey just for two, he'll have leftovers for weeks. He heaves a sad sigh as she leaves, a sigh of a man having Thanksgiving with his new girlfriend and all of his ex-wife's friends.

Leah updates the babysitter, who is in a panic that the girl needs more surgery and doesn't seem comforted when Leah tells her they will take care of it. She's upset because she's sure the parents are going to blame her when they get back from Alaska, where they have been studying the nesting habits of eagles, of course. Leah tries to assure her that they will be fine but the girl says that people always need someone to blame after something terrible happens, and she knows it will be her since they can't blame the child who was riding her scooter downhill expressly against the family rules. Leah of course is taking all of this to heart, especially when the girl freaks out that she might never see her charge again, and then softly says it's probably her fault for getting so attached UGH UGH UGH. WE GET IT. The notes I took for this scene even just say, "Ugh."

Stephanie finds Jackson and gets him to adjust his surgery schedule so that she can get an OR for Mere at the time that she wants because basically she's sure Mere is going to murder her soon if she doesn't get her way on everything from here on out. Jackson agrees to do it, and they have some cute banter and kissy times. Before she goes she turns and tells him about the invite to the wedding -- she's insulted because she thinks they are both going to get invites plus one, and is sure it means that April doesn't respect their relationship. Getting her eyes fixed did not help this girl see the obvious. Jackson assures her it will be fine and she leaves, but he's taken stupid pills today too and seems to also find it weird.

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