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Alex finds Princess and tells her that she's invited to Mere's Thanksgiving, which thrills her until she realizes that actually only he was invited and he's bringing her as his date. She thinks they should just meet up afterward so it's not weird but he doesn't want to go if she doesn't want to, and she beams and tells him he's sweet. They joke about eating takeout chicken in the car, and then she teases him with something I could never quite make out: I think I love you? You think I love you? The real takeaway is that she used the word "love" in a sentence and he didn't turn to stone as a result.

Victor reports to Donna that one of the women who responded to her ad is coming by to meet them later. He then admits that he told Stan, and she is hurt and furious. She was desperate to make it all seem natural, but Victor couldn't bring himself to lie and points out that their situation has worked because they've always been open and honest. Of course Stephanie is in there to overhear all of this. Donna says it's not a lie, it's a kindness, and now that she's dying… he points out that honesty actually matters more now because of that little point. Two thumbs up for Victor in my book.

Owen finally meets with Derek and Ben and freaks out that Bailey may have performed unnecessary procedures. Ben is petulant because he thought he was having a conversation with a friend and not making a report to the board; to his credit, Derek pats his back and tells him he's sorry. Ben wants to take it all back and sounds much like his wife when he promises she will handle it so Derek has to point out that Ben already said he didn't think she was doing that. Owen tells them he has to pull her out of work until it's under control and Ben, realizing that he's defeated, asks if he can at least be the one to tell her.

Victor is watching one of the booty interviews through the window and asks Steph, who is also watching, what she thinks. Steph tries to play dumb but pretty quickly admits she knows what's up and that she wanted to stay in the room but had no good reason to do so. Victor admits that he knows this is strange, but tells her she's young. And weirdly, while I've never encountered anything like this, I will say that as I get older I realize there are so many random things going on with people that hey, whatever makes you happy. Victor tells their story: He and Donna were happily married 30 years when the, "fire went away;" they didn't want to get divorced since they were still best friends but they both found other people. Victor explains that Stan has never been in love like this before and Donna is afraid he'll be alone forever. It turns out Victor knows him well since they played golf together for years, and he doesn't want Stan to be left alone either.

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