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Princess gets Richard ready for his stress test, while he talks about his preferences for how Emma should prepare her Thanksgiving dinner. Stephanie comes in and sits down to dish about her patient and her husband interviewing future mates for her lover, and Richard wonders, confused, if this is a, "threesome thing." The girls are delightedly horrified to hear him say that, and then he calls Stephanie out for avoiding Mere and sends her back to her work.

Owen finds Mere and tells her that he needs her to take over Bailey's surgeries; she is completely insulted like her work is worth nothing until she sees his face and realizes that this is serious and maybe she has to set aside her martyr complex for a few hours.

Leah is in surgery with Callie and Arizona, and Callie gives her the chance to do something or other that involves drilling through the girl's leg. Callie talks her through it and she does a great job… until she goes too far and drills through the table. Callie calmly tries to talk her through reversing the drill but Leah has an absolute meltdown and wants her to take over. Callie keeps telling her to pull herself together, but Leah is way beyond that and turns to Arizona, yelling at her to do something. Arizona calmly asks Callie if she can take over and give Leah a moment to calm down, and after lots of various squinting and eye-acting over their masks, Callie realizes that Leah was Miss Ten-Plus Times. Callie angrily takes the drill out of Leah's hands and pulls it out of the table, while Leah won't look at her.

Afterward, Leah and Arizona have the traditional scrub-room screaming argument, with Leah furious that Arizona told Callie about them. Arizona points out that Callie guessed when Leah came unglued, and when Leah yells at her some more she reminds the younger woman that this is her marriage. Leah counters that this is her career, and says that Callie hates her now. Well, I would argue that losing all ability to maintain herself professionally probably had more of an effect on her career, but sure, this isn't helping either. She then uses the babysitter's reasoning that Callie will need someone to blame, and it won't be Arizona because she loves her. Arizona for her part looks like she's trying to be patient but is totally fed up and wondering if this was really worth it.

Jackson finds April to ask her about Invitationgate, and to no one's surprise other than him and Stephanie, she awkwardly tells him that he's not actually getting an invitation, so she invited Steph so that he could be her plus-one. She tries to justify it, pointing out that since his name stars with "A" he was the first invite on the list and she didn't want to rub it in Matthew's face. Jackson points out rather sensibly that if his name on a list upsets Matthew, he should probably not be attending this wedding at all. But of course April pleads with him that they are friends and she needs him there, finally adding that she can't go through with it if she doesn't have his blessing. So, you know, this is basically the worst idea marriage of all time since clearly no one is over anyone else. Jackson tells her that she has his blessing, but insists he doesn't think he should be there.

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