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Something To Talk About
when you put it that way...maybe you should name yours "Robin Williams." Mr. Herman's wife says maybe the reason they don't understand what's going on is that no one's really talking to them, just about them. Meredith tells her she knows what that's like. I'm sure you do, Projecty. Cristina, finally finished with her vomit, runs in and asks what she missed. Izzie: "Ew. Is that rectal jelly on your scrubs?" It is, and it is indeed ew. Unfortunately for Cris, her pager goes off again, and she has to leave the room. Meredith finds Bailey in the crowd and tells her that all the people and attention are making the Hermans panic. Bailey: "Oh." So much for her relating.

And now, here's a scene with McDreamy and Addison, in which I could not be less interested. I have somehow gone from liking them okay to hating them as a couple in the course of thirty-three minutes. It could, however, just be the wine. Addison has found them a place to have lunch up on a roof somewhere, with a view of downtown Seattle. McDreamy says he should have taken her literally when she said she found a lunch spot with a view. Addison says she found it in her "Best of Seattle" book, and it's hardly brown-bagging it on the top of the Empire State Building, but they do have cute little viewfinders. Blah blah, McDreamy tells her she always finds something to complain about, blah blah blee bloo, Addison wants to know if there's anything he likes about her anymore, blah blah McDreamy not so much. Addison asks him if he's going to stop talking to Meredith. McDreamy looks mcdreamily out over the water, and says he might not be ready yet. Addison asks him if he's ever going to be ready. McDreamy: "What if I say no?" Addison says if the answer is no, she won't be moving. McDreamy says he guesses they're at an impasse, then. Zzzzzzzz.

Burke finds Cristina in a stairwell. He tells her they never finished their conversation. Cristina says they certainly did; they decided they're not going to tell "you-know-who" about them. Voldemort?! I wouldn't tell him, either! Burke tells her that her career and reputation are in much more danger if Webber hears about them through the grapevine. Burke thinks, also, that maybe Cristina's hesitation is for some different reason, like not wanting to admit to the relationship at all. Cristina disavows him of that notion: "WE. Are a couple." Burke says fine, and walks off. The closed captioners tell me that Cristina sighs. They are correct.

Alex wheels Nicole through a corridor, and asks her what's up with her not wanting to get this procedure. Nicole says she's fine the way she is. Alex: "Good point. Your choice." Alex wheels her to his secret place where he keeps his secret hidden study books, and gets them down. Nicole reads off the title of one -- "Nuclear Something Fancy-name-ology. Is that why you were late? You were studying?" Alex says no, but he's clearly lying. Nicole asks him if that girl Izzie is his girlfriend. Alex, again, says no. Nicole: "Do you want her to be your girlfriend?" Alex tells her that she needs to shut up, because he's kind of busy. Nicole says she's eighteen, and she's not a kid, and she could go back to her room if she wanted to. Alex is like, "So go." Nicole starts wheeling herself off, adding, "Izzie's right. You're an ass." Alex says he knows, but he's a cute ass, right? Nicole stops, and asks why he didn't kiss her. Alex tells her he thought she was leaving. Nicole ignores this, and says she sure wouldn't hesitate if she had a chance to kiss someone she liked. Alex: "If I had a chance to lose the urine bag around my ankle, I wouldn't hesitate, either. But then again, I don't let my mommy do all my talking for me." Oh, it's on! Alex gives Nicole a little grin, and then this brilliant exchange takes place:

Nicole: I don't like you.

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