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Something To Talk About
longer." Burke opens the door to Webber's office, and we cut to...

...Nicole, telling her parents that she's getting the operation. Nicole's parents try to argue, but Nicole asks them if they've noticed that they don't ever ask her what she thinks. "It's my fault; I let you do it. But I'm not cheating anymore. I'm not sitting back and giving over control, because I am ready to handle things for myself." McDreamy looks on, pleased, as does Alex. MereVO: "Some things are more than what you say. They're what you do."

And now we're back with Burke and Webber. Webber tells Burke that he appreciates his candor. Burke says he doesn't need any special treatment. Webber: "And you're not gonna get it. You're not married; you're not hiding. You came to me. You clearly value your relationship. What you two have together, I understand that, Preston, and it does matter." Cristina looks through the office window, both mortified and relieved as hell. MereVO: "Some things you say because you have no other choice."

We cut to the counselor's office again. Addison says she's given it a lot of consideration, and has decided to move to Seattle. McDreamy says Meredith won't be a problem anymore at all. The counselor says they've made remarkable progress. Ugh, so pukey. Addison says that's what marriage is about -- compromise, right? She tries to take McDreamy's hand, but he totally shafts her. He then says it's about give and take, and goes to take her hand, then pulls it away. They hate each other. MereVO: "Some keep to yourself." Yes, like the fact that you hate your spouse.

Over at Joe's bar, Izzie tells Joe that they sold $485 worth of tickets to the surgery. She looks at Cristina, and asks, "Wait...did you sell more?" Cristina pulls a huge wad of cash out of her pocket and slams it on the bar. "Oh, yeah." Meredith walks in and they all get quiet. She smiles. "So you guys really do have nothing else to talk about?" They all admit that they don't, really. Alex walks in, and MereVO says, "And not too often...but every now and then..." Alex walks over to Izzie, and regards her. "What?" she asks. He grabs her, leans her back, and kisses her like it's the last thing he'll ever do. MereVO: "...some things simply speak for themselves." Alex places Izzie back upright, tells her goodnight, and walks out. Cristina: "WOW." Izzie: "Seriously." Joe: "You get a double." AB Chao: "Tears!" And we fade out.

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